Show recap: The Wilders at Knuckleheads, 6.30.12

(Editor's Note: We apologize for the extreme lack of timeliness on posting this recap.)

The Wilders played an exhilirating and emotional farewell show on June 30 at Knuckleheads. The nearly sold-out show lasted for over 3 hours, with the band playing choices from its successful 15-year run. The first set began with the band centered around a single microphone, characteristic of its early days, and by the end of the evening, a full band whose power suddenly became fully realized commanded the stage. Whether The Wilders were playing old country standards or its sophisticated original alt-country tunes, the crowd remained on its feet throughout. 

During those 3 hours, The Wilders showed why they are as critical to the Kansas City music scene as they have been for over a decade, and why they've been the darlings of music festivals and tours around the globe. As the wind picked up and rain began to trickle, the group played more ferociously and sang more passionately, culminating in a warm, yet bittersweet celebration of a legendary group.

We want to thank The Wilders for being such an important part of Kansas City and its music scene. To Nate, Phil, Betse, and Ike: Salud!

--Michelle Bacon

Photos © Todd Zimmer, 2012. Please do not use without permission.