New singles from Radkey, Umberto, The Clementines, Dream Wolf

(Photo above of Umberto at Replay Lounge, taken by Michael Byars)

Radkey - "N.I.G.G.A. (Not Okay)"

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding young rockers Radkey. The group's new single “N.I.G.G.A. (Not Okay)” is testament as to why that’s deserved. The song would fit very comfortably tucked away in a Misfits or Ramones playlist. Fuzzed-out guitars, a driving beat, and some impressively strong vocals make this rocker aggressive, while the infectious fist-pumping chorus allows for repeated listens.

--Travis Stull

Umberto - "The Investigation"

On its Facebook page, Umberto is listed as a four-piece electronic-rock band whose home base is Carson City, NV; recently Matt Hill took a solo turn behind the laptop as opener for Moon Duo at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS. “The Investigation” starts off as homage to Nine Inch Nails with its slightly-slower “Closer” marching tempo, which gives way to the more ethereal sounds of bell-like keyboards and distant, tortured choirs about a third of the way through. The rest of the track includes 80s synthy effects given a modern heartbeat – overall, a hauntingly captivating effort.

--Michael Byars

The Clementines - "Bayou"

The Clementines have made strides since emerging as an acoustic duo in 2011. Since then, they’ve become a 4-piece, filling up a bluesy rock sound with a propelling rhythm section. "Bayou" begins with drummer Stephanie Williams’ consistent driving beat, and eventually is carried out by the soulful, blues-influenced voice of Nicole Springer.

--Michelle Bacon

Dream Wolf - "Astro Wolf"

"Astro Wolf" feels like a psychedelic excursion onto the moon. Galactic high-octave keyboards kick off and soar across the song. Elements of glam and prog rock enter in, gravitating the listener between a slow journey and a rapid ascent. A confident vocal delivery from Megan Zander and backup vocals from Katelyn Boone and Chris Tady only add to the song’s ecstatic, harmonious voyage through the cosmos.

--Michelle Bacon

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