Tracy's Top 3 NYC acts from CMJ 2012: SLEEPiES, Unstoppable Death Machines, Mykki Blanco

1- SLEEPiES "Hard to come back on these guys without either repeating myself or going into too much detail, which I am saving for a Q&A to be posted soon. So for now, I'll stick to a couple of comments, starting with the fact that I finally got to hear the Hot Singles played all in one go, which, despite understanding where the hesitation would come from (Feelers, with its sprightly clean-cut sprightly punk, tying far less into the new album's aesthetics (or even those of their earlier records) than would Sludge River Mouth,), I'd been wanting to hear for a while."

2- Unstoppable Death Machines "Queens-bred sibling power duo, UDM is 'a noise-punk tour-de-force built upon menacing riffs and insanely fast smashing drumbeats that threaten to break the sticks or drums themselves any second, with vocals passed through effects via a microphone strapped right onto Mike Tucci's mouth– one of the most satisfying acts caught during the day"

3- Mykki Blanco "NYC's own potty-mouthed 'acid punk rapper' Mykki Blanco (pictured), androgynous style icon on the rise, entertained the tiny jam-packed Cake Shop basement with half an hour of nasty raps turning into [...] one hell of a frantic spoken word performance."