Album review: Dead Voices - Dead Voices (EP)

(Photo by Todd Zimmer)
“Trust of a Fool” is one of the more straightforward efforts presented on Dead Voices’ self-titled debut EP. It would make for the perfect soundtrack for an episode where The Monkees dress up in cowboy hats and wreak hilarious havoc at a dude ranch run by some old crusty geezer named Cooter.
The EP is at the apex of its success when the band follows a looser devotion to the “twang rock” formula and allows the instrumentation to ebb and flow accordingly. “Dream Notes” is the prime example of this. With a beautifully constructed forty seconds of instrumental introduction, several well-placed beat changes, and a genuinely doting vocal performance, this song features some the strongest moments on the EP. Symphonic and long-winded in all the right ways, it comes across like Bob Dylan fronting some of the more introspective numbers of the Rolling Stones’ catalog.
“Rain or Shine” features the band letting its jam band flag shine a bit. “Whore’s Lament” returns to more straightforward country, picking and grinning its way across the land of tumbleweeds and minor. “Virginia Avenue” brings to mind the crackling audition of a shiny new Bell radio on the shelf of a stuffy electronics store in the mid ‘60s, the sounds of the service bell from the gas station across the street competing with the Buddy Holly-tinged shuffle composition.
At first listen as Dead Voices chugged along towards its conclusion, a thought kept crossing my mind: “Man, these guys would pair great with The Grisly Hand.” Much to my surprise—and enjoyment—Lauren Krum makes a wonderful guest appearance on the final track, “Pardoning.” Much as she does for The Grisly Hand, her vocals harmonize seamlessly with David Regnier’s to immense effect, elevating the otherwise square-shooting effort into something more dynamic and special. (Editor’s note: Matt Richey and Mike Stover are both members of Dead Voices as well as The Grisly Hand)
You can catch Dead Voices at recordBar tomorrow night, January 19, with Hadacol and Eric. The show starts at 10 p.m. Facebook event page.
--Zach Hodson
Zach Hodson is a monster. He once stole a grilled cheese sandwich from a 4-year-old girl at her birthday party. He will only juggle if you pay him. I hear he punched Slimer right in his fat, green face. He knows the secrets to free energy, but refuses to release them until Saved by the Bell: Fortysomethings begins production. He is also in Dolls on Fire and Drew Black & Dirty Electric, as well as contributing to various other Kansas City-based music, comedy, and art projects.

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