Radiation City

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<p><a href="https://radiationcity.bandcamp.com">Radiation City</a> were, at the time of their last release in 2013, <em><a href="https://radiationcity.bandcamp.com/album/animals-in-the-median">Animals in the Median</a></em>, one of Portland's brightly shining stars. Their EP and two full lengths were staples of anyone involved in the music scene out here. But trouble in paradise for Rad City's founding couple proved a rocky road for what was to come of the band and any hope for another release. Flash forward to now, where we've been bestowed with a new album, somewhat of a new sound, and a reestablished vigor that can presently be heard upon first listen of <em>Synesthetica</em>.</p> <p><em>Synesthetica</em>'s opening track, &quot;Oil Show,&quot; immediately demonstrates the positive changes that have taken over the band on this album, especially its infectiously addicting beat. Radiation City nods to variety on this release, touching slightly on blues with &quot;Juicy,&quot; delving into a Sade-esque soulfulness with &quot;Butter,&quot; and gets synth-popped out with &quot;Sugar Broom.&quot;&nbsp;</p> <p>Comparatively speaking, <em>Synesthetica</em> doesn't stray too far from what Rad City has done in the past but more so, plays upon everything they've picked up along the way through their three year hiatus. Their output of sound has elevated, their songs strengthened by different techniques and matured themes. It's almost as if they hadn't taken a break at all.</p> <p>-Cervante Pope</p>