SXSW4Japan: One-Eyed Doll, Sahara Smith...Hanson!

Hanson isn't normally a band we devote much coverage to, given that they're A) not Austin-based, and B) not exactly indie; but we have to admit one of the more inspiring acts from SXSW this year was none other than the Hanson bros., who threw together a livestream telethon and ended up raising over $100,000 through sxsw4japan. Locals found ways to pitch in too, from simply putting out a donation jar during shows (as we saw Sahara Smith do at the Frog ML showcase) to posting original songs for download and donating all proceeds (as Kimberley Freeman and One-Eyed Doll (above) did with their "Water Song", which you can find right here). 

So - amidst concerns that SX might be turning Austin into Ft. Lauderdale, good to remember a little Austin always shows through. Bad news continues to roll in from Japan; if there are other benefit efforts from local bands still under way, please let us know & we'll use this little platform to boost awareness.