Annie Hart

Annie Hart to release second solo album, plays Union Pool on 12/13

Dreamy, introspective songwriter Annie Hart releases her sophomore solo album “A Softer Offering” this month, two years after her “Impossible Accomplice” debut. Already known as an innovative film composer and founding member of Lynchian synth-faves Au Revoir Simone, Hart continues to expand her body of work with this latest release. Opting for a more spacious, minimal sound, first single and video (streaming below) “Wilderness Hill” centers around a steady low note pulse and stark electric piano chords. With self -directed video footage shot in the songtitle referencing area of Margate, England combined with hometown Rockaway Beach imagery, Annie's hushed vocals match this early morning contemplative mood. Follow-up single “Don't Breathe For Me” employs singular held keyboard pads, angular electronic percussion and deep-twang melodies behind a raw vocal recitation on the need to move on. The whole album is a cohesive work that emphasizes the spaces inbetween our hectic lives, where our own thoughts are encouraged to mingle with the artists creations. The album is out in full on 12/13 with a release show that night at Union Pool. - Dave Cromwell


Annie Hart releases solo album, plays two NYC shows on 9/15 and 9/25

Already known for her decade long activity in dreamy electronic three piece ensemble Au Revoir Simone, Annie Hart releases her first solo album Impossible Accomplice today. Self-recorded in true DIY basement style (with one of Fred Armisen’s rooms serving as the only other tracking location during a brief stay in Portland) first single and video "Hard To Be Still" (streaming below) celebrates oscilloscopes and devoted love. Heavy on deep bass synths, the chorus “you gave me what I want” and “I’ll never give you up” is an instant earworm. The video is simple, managing at once to be stilish and humorous - it even features a revealing "outtakes" section at the end that reveals how the DIY approach extended to the shooting process, not only the recording one. Catch Annie live on 9/15 at Main Drag Music (a free event featuring live keyboard looping and vibraphone, celebrating the record release), and supporting Matt Pond PA and Wild Pink on 9/25 at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. - Dave Cromwell