Arthhur "X​-​Mas Wrapping"

Arthhur has released a festive split single with Jetsetter and featured contribution from Audrey from Upstairs. Their contribution is a fairly traditional cover of The Waitresses' 1981 classic "Christmas Wrapping". The b-side is an original composition from the electronic music producer Jetsetter called "LDB". Both tracks are fun, festive, and ready to get you dancing around your Christmas as you prepare to open presents this year.


Arthhur “Lost In The Walled City"

Arthhur released a new album today, Dec. 14th, called Lost In The Walled City. This this trio of Mike Fox, Matt Ciani, and Luke Dahlgren. On this album they are bringing the a danceable brand of Disco Punk that could be compared to vintage Talking Heads.

As with the their last album, Come Meet The Opposite Committee, they have released a full list of the equipment they used to record this album. This gives the young musician or someone just starting out a sense of what goes into creating to creating a certain sound and an album.


arthhur Brings The Chiptune!

arthhur is the duo fronted by Mike Fox with support from Matt Ciani. Back in March they released their sophomore album, Come Meet The Opposite Committee. This was a well-crafted indie rock album and they even shared how they crafted it.

This month they released a chiptune EP called "Dark Sporch Chronicles EP”. This is all instrumental and inspired by Patagonia Wiki. What could come across as a joke is actually a beautiful collection of melodies.