Bad Birds

Bad Birds Release New EP, Into the City

Bad Birds describe themselves as a mix between Television and The Smiths, and that’s a fair comparison. They blend the two sounds well, making music that is dreamy while still holding on to some more somber notes. They retain a harder Television-esque edge, but they're softer and easier on the soul. It like the soundtrack to a late afternoon daydream. This is especially true on their latest release Into The City. The album focuses on nostalgia, growth, and compassion. Vocalist Bobby Cheatham sings with an open heart, rendering a layered set of emotions into each song.
The song “Fairy Tail,” which is the opener on Into The City, starts the EP off with a sense of trepidation. It sounds like the rock’n’roll version of a dirge, and the somber lyrics speak of guilt, the passage of time, and the dangers of fairy tales. The guitar and bass, played by Mark Rodriguez and Adam Setzer, are particularly strong, thrumming with a low, raspy energy as the song approaches its end. The urgency within them resonates just as strongly as the lyrics.
The EP does give us plenty of fun, lighthearted moments as well. “Right One” is a great example of this. The songs subject material stays true to the album’s serious tones, but the instrumentals are more energizing and friendly. Drummer Kevin Flack keeps the beat light and airy, and the guitar riffs flow easily alongside it. Similarly, “New Heart” is friendly and inviting. You can hear the influence of The Smiths in Cheatham’s languid, romantic vocals. The band’s chemistry is strong, and the way they play off each other adds a level of genuine enjoyment to the music. This enjoyment translates well on the album and places the listener more solidly into the album as a participant.
-Avril Carrillo