Bloodcat’s “Summer Single” Delivers Vulnerable, Atmospheric Indie Rock

photo courtesy of artist

L.A. by way of Florida drummer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Bloodcat (aka Jessica Vacha), has seen her fair share of the local scene as a session drummer, lending her percussive talents to several up-and-coming acts, all while steadily working on her own original music. Her latest single, appropriately entitled Summer Single and available now on Spotify and most other major streaming outlets, is a sign of steady growth for the singer-songwriter that foreshadows greater things yet to come from this talent.

A-side “Generic Script” is a propulsive, muscular, but also charmingly vulnerable guitar and drum-forward indie-pop track that displays Vacha’s talent for merging catchy melody with effortless indie cool, especially in the interplay between instruments. Taking a minimalistic approach, the bare-bones arrangement evokes 90s-era indie-pop while also dispalying a distinctly 2020s touch for the modern.

B-side “Enough,” by contrast, evokes Mazzy Star in its slower-tempo, more contemplative tone. It begins with abstract electric guitar strums that deliver a distinct feeling of floating, unmoored to any key, until Vacha and the rest of the band enter as one. Vacha’s sedate, elegant vocal radiates weariness and sadness, complementing the spare, wide-open arrangement. it’s an audio equivalent of a Mark Rothko painting: fields of muted colors hovering close enough to each other that they can’t help but be taken as one, but never truly touching, forever together but forever apart.Gabe Hernandez