Booze Radly

New Booze Radly LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Four years in the making, Booze Radly has released its first full-length album Haunted Mind. Raw, expressive, anthemic lyrics spawn a relatable, guttural tone. A momentous, cathartic outpouring ensues. Instrumentation runs excitedly through the streets, while collectively tapping into unfiltered, lyrical resolve. You can find Booze Radly performing again in town on Saturday, July 20 at West Philly DIY space Haus of Yarga.


New Lyric Video: "Teenagers" - Booze Radly

Bummer-rockers Booze Radley just shared the latest single off their forthcoming album Haunted Mind. "Teenagers" is accompanied by a video, highlighting the emotive anguish of the song's lyrics. The band takes us for a stoney, blurred-out adventure through a cemetery in Pittsburgh. The combination finds its way to be an unassumingly cathartic experience.


New Music Video: "Empty Rooms" - Booze Radly

“Empty Rooms” is the new single from Booze Radly, and will be featured on their forthcoming album Haunted Mind, which is slated for release next year. The song is used to process grief and loss. A melodic fragility gradually builds, gaining anthemic qualities that the walls can no longer contain. Flashes of raw, emotive lyrics are propelled by fiery guitars, resulting in a much-needed release. "Empty Rooms" is also accompanied by the band's first ever video that provides grin-inducing snapshots of the gang performing, skating, and simply having a good time.