City of Sound

City of Sound reach for the rafters on anthemic "The Madhouse," perform at El Cid on 1/11

City of Sound reach for as far as they possibly can on "The Madhouse." The North Hollywood trio's anthemic, piano-driven sweep affects the senses with a victorious sense of triumph, as lead singer Jordan Wright elevates his vocals to operatic levels with a warm tenor. True to their grand band name, there's not a moment throughout "Madhouse" where we feel like they're about to soften their delivery. Every moment in this towering power ballad shines with blinding brightness, as they make their musical ambitions show with a clear intent. 

"The Madhouse" is featured on City of Sound's latest EP, Silent Empire I, the first in a trio of EP's that will culminate into a conceptual full-length recording. Catch their headlining release show set tomorrow, January 11, at El Cid. Juan Rodríguez