PREMIERE: Couvo takes change in stride on “Still Hanging On,” plays Way Station 3.23

It’s an unfortunate truth that, with the passing of time, we tend to lose touch with those that matter most to us, a fact that’s become abundantly clear to Bushwick-based indie pop artist Couvo as of late. His new single “Still Hanging On” is an ode to old acquaintances and relationships that come with the changes inherent to life, a shoutout to erstwhile friends in his hometown of Manchester, Connecticut, channeled through bright, downtempo indie pop reminiscent of the Morning Benders and pre-Powerman Kinks. A sunny-yet-forlorn disposition powers Couvo’s lyricism — nostalgic, yes, but always grounded in realism, the “knowing, in the moment, that these relationships will fail and these people will leave, or you’ll be the one to go,” in his own words. Sweetly sorrowful and bolstered by a third act explosion of winding saxophones and group harmonies, Couvo proves that, despite these seemingly-inevitable transformations, there’s resilience and strength to be found in act of “hanging on.” Stream our premiere of this track below, and see Couvo at the Way Station on March 23rd, alongside Ruby Wave, Phil Robinson, and Zman. Photo by Kevin Condon