Fast Car Slow Car

The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Fast Car Slow Car

Fast Car Slow Car’s Breshon Martzall surprisingly stated that he really didn’t have too many influences while recording his debut album, Dadas, which was produced by fellow Straw Hats bandmate/The Districts’s Rob Grote. After his first attempt to make “raps and trap beats” at age 19, the fledgling artist was simply “winging it” with the crooning-style on his first official solo release. The loose, casual, soulful baritone on the recordings is certainly not a sound that you’d expect to come out of the basement DIY scene of Philly, which immediately caught our attention, as well as many others, making Fast Car Slow Car our most recent Deli Philly poll winner. So check out our latest Featured Artist interview with Breshon HERE!


Debut Fast Car Slow Car Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Dadas, the debut release from Fast Car Slow Car, a.k.a. Breshon Martzall (Straw Hats), recently arrived. Produced by Rob Grote (The Districts, Goat Mumbles, Straw Hats), the album swims in electro-R&B waters. A tranquil, humid haze merges with the personal nature of the lyrics. Sonic textures and serenading vocals induce movement and reflective evaluations. House Cat will be presenting Fast Car Slow Car's EP Release Show & Beyond the Bars Benefit at Beautiful World Syndicate on Saturday, June 29, supported by Body Meat and EM-E.


New Track: "Repeat Offense" - Fast Car Slow Car

“Repeat Offense” is the latest single from Fast Car Slow Car, which was produced by Rob Grote (The Districts, Straw Hats, Goat Mumbles). The gentle stroll of keys mingles with the baritone vocals, creating a laidback, electro-psych-pop atmosphere. Although emphasizing how the cyclical nature of one’s activity can create problems, the song still maintains a certain mellowness. When the percussion kicks in, a call to motion is initiated. Each day or moment presents a new opportunity to improve.


New Track: "Waffles" - Fast Car Slow Car

Breshon Martzell, a.k.a. Fast Car Slow Car, recently shared the project's debut single, “Waffles,” which was produced by fellow Straw Hats bandmate/The Districts' Rob Grote. There’s a playful psych-dream aspect, driven by its wandering keys. The deep vocal tone and the futuristic electro-beats create an oddball, 80's aesthetic. Amid the strangeness, there’s a bright, buoyant bounce to the dance-inspiring recording. Its corresponding video was edited by Braden Lawrence (The Districts/Haggert McTaggert), capturing a kaleidoscope of colors within a home video, with a nod to travelers of the cosmos.