Matt Piet

Matt Piet "Tobacco Monogamy"

Improvisational Pianist Matt Piet has released a new album called Tobacco Monogamy. This collection was recorded live back in 2017 at Elastic Arts and is completely improvised. Piet will be donating all sales of the album to one of three charities and is giving the listener the choice between National Alliance on Mental Illness, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, or The Trevor Project.

This album is the follow-up to 2018's well-received album City In A Garden.

Photo by Matthew Schwerin


Matt Piet "City In A Garden"

Matt Piet is an Pianist that thrives on improvisation. His new album, City In A Garden, is a series of improvisations recorded with an array of talented musicians during “jam sessions” at Constellation’s Sound of the City workshop. Each piece is titled by the names the musicians Piet is performing with at the time of the recording. The album as a whole serves a a snapshot of the thriving local jazz and musical improvisation scene.

You can help Piet celebrate the release of “City In A Garden” on June 15th at Constellation.