Nice Knife

Nice Knife are a hardcore heat flash, play The Broadway 7.25

Feel It, the debut EP of Brooklyn post-hardcore quintet Nice Knife, is the musical equivalent of a lightning strike—here for a hot, visceral moment, then gone before you can render what the hell just happened. This isn’t so much a dig at the run time of their first effort (an exhilarating five minutes), but more so a testament to the focused energy of Feel It’s three tracks; from the whirlwind, guttural vocal performance on opener “High Knees” to the melodic coursing of “Knew It,” Nice Knife are able to incorporate numerous, if subtle, post-punk and thrash motifs into their work. It’s a thrilling, compelling ride that promises a barn burning performance at The Broadway on July 25th, where Nice Knife will play alongside Haute Tension and Big Spirit. Listen below. -Connor Beckett McInerney