Replicant "Regression"

Darkwave trio Replicant has released the first two singles, "Annihilation" and "Regression", in what they are calling their Pandemic Series. All proceeds from this series will be given to support local venues and their staff who have supported the band and so many other bands over the years.

This is the work of Garrett Vernon (Vocals/Guitar/Synth), Justin DeLay (Synth/Producer), and Jordan DeLay (Bass).



Dark Synth trio Replicant are releasing their latest album, “The Resistance”, this Friday, October 5th. The trio of Garret Vernon (Vocals/Guitar/Synth), Justin DeLay (Synth/Production), and Jordan DeLay (Bass) have been releasing dark, dystopian music since 2014’s debut “Blood Moon”.

Below you can stream the album’s lead single “The Resistance”.