VIDEO: On “Monochrome,” Runnner Sets Faded Memories To Music

photo credit: Nell Sherman & Silken Weinberg

Runnner is the project of native Angeleño songwriter Noah Weinman. He’s recently released a music video for “Monochrome,” the latest single from his upcoming debut album for Run For Cover Records, Always Repeating, released July 16th.

The track fades in with fingerpicked acoustic guitar and banjo, with what sound like reversed electric guitar lines, all swelling into a beautiful, abstract mix, before drums kick in to establish a vaguely rollicking shuffle, dropping out to allow Weinman’s plaintive, double-tracked vocals space to enter. He sings with masterful restraint while the guitars and banjo provide delicate rhythmic emphasis on his lyrics. The music and vocals slowly build in emotional intensity, along with volume, squeezing every possible bit of pathos out of the highly personal lyrics.

“Although this isn’t the oldest song in the batch,” begins Weinman, “this feels like the first Runnner song…It’s about nuance and memory, and how hard it can be to remember something in all its color and detail. Part of me fights against that and tries to remember everything, but part of me also resigns to it.” The video was created by Weinman with the help of Helen Ballentine.

Runnner will celebrate the release of Always Repeating with two L.A.-area shows: a sold-out show July 22nd at Baader house, and a December 3rd gig at the Lodge Room in Highland Park. Gabe Hernandez


Runnner take their intricate folk rock to The Satellite on 12/8

Runnner, the project of Noah Weinman and Nate Lichtenburger, serves up sharp, intricately layered indie rock with inventively syncopated polyphonic textures. The luscious harmonies and varied weaving guitar lines they produce, which come from varied string instruments, have the musical force and sound of a full band despite coming only from a duo, though the essence of their debut full-length effort, Awash, lies in folk-rock songs with a pinch of electronic influence.

Check out the band at The Satellite on December 8, where they will split the bill with Goodnight, Texas and Lucy Arnell. Awash is currently available via their official bandcamp page. Juan Rodríguez