The Silk War

PREMIERE: Bask in the Silk War’s beauty and grit on “Velvet” (show 3.17 at TV Eye)

The coexistence of “beauty and dissonance” are key themes to understanding the Silk War’s sound, and new video “Velvet” is the band at their most aesthetically scuzzy. A midnight ride through the psyche of front person Alexandra Blair, one that incorporates proportionate handfuls of vulnerability and strength, the visuals incorporate a limited palette of high-contrast monochrome performance shots and blood red scenes of nocturne activity. Such a striking difference emphasizes the opposing themes inherent to band’s artistry (as well as the dichotomous nature of the song itself), which set against the music video’s backing track, heightens their post-wave goth rock sound; their overdriven guitar solos opposite cool keys and downtempo percussive tempo feel all the more polar, yet a sense of haunting unity prevails when soundtracking director Shelby Sells’ mise-en-scene. Partake in its dark indulgence below, and catch the Silk War at TV Eye on March 17th, performing alongside Pure Adult.