Waltzer "Lantern"

Waltzer has released the latest single, "Lantern", from their forthcoming debut album, Time Traveler, which is due out on January 29th via Side Hustle Records. The single is accompanied by the Kelton Sears animated video below.

This is musical side of the multi-talented Sophie Sputnik who not only began releasing singles from this project in 2020, but also launched Waltzer TV, a monthly variety show that streamed online in partnership with music venues around the US and featured talent local to each venue. The next episode of Waltzer TV will be airing on January 28th via BabyTV in partnership Brooklyn venue Baby's All Right. This episode will be the starting point of a massive kickstarter campaign to grow the Waltzer TV series.


Waltzer "Eugene"

Waltzer has released their latest single, "Eugene", via Side Hustle Records. The single accompanied by the Wayne and Lulu White directed video below.

This is the band fronted by the incredibly talented Sophie Sputnik with Max Loebman (Lead guitar), Joe Bordenaro (Drums), and Cody Carpenter (Bass). "Eugene" is the band's third single and second of 2020.

You can catch Waltzer on August 12th at Empty Bottle opening for The Minks.