Adeline Hotel

Adeline Hotel explores intimacy through soft folk on "Solid Love," plays C'mon Everybody 5.9

Dan Knishkowy set off on the audacious task of treating the concepts of love and friendship ”with the gravity and wonder [they] deserve” on new LP Solid Love, doing so in his consummate early 70s folk fashion that feels ever patient and kind. Under the project name Adeline Hotel, Knishkowy brings in a slew of collaborators (including Winston Cook-Wilson of Office Culture, Ben Seretan, and Brigid Mae Power), succeeding in rendering the indescribable as emotional visceral. On the album’s title track, listeners are greeted with melting slide guitars and inviting acoustic arpeggios, which seamlessly segues to a rich tapestry of warm piano improvisation, shuffling brush drum-work, and occasional woodwind accents — though despite full accompaniment, the song remains evenhanded, never overwhelming even as each component becomes invariably more complex and rich. It immediately evokes Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter, and is recommended for those seeking a sensitive, plainspoken effort. Stream it below, and catch Adeline Hotel at C’mon Everybody on May 9th for their record release show. Photo by Chris Bernabeo


A Deli Premiere: Adeline Hotel shares new album "Away Together" + plays release show @ Union Pool on 10.26

Sometimes the inadvertent paradox of grandiose music is that the bigger it sounds, the less personal it can feel. The archetype of one artist and their guitar making music that everyone can relate to often only applies to sounds that are stripped down. Yet on Dan Knishkowy's new album as Adeline Hotel, titled Away Together, this pitfall is circumvented. The warm and bare-bones guitar playing is felt immediately on the opener "So Long", but when it builds to a transcendent apex, the same crisp, emotional pointedness can be felt. The album features guitars that paint a hazy picture and pianos that bring back lucidity as Knishkowy's lyrics push through the gossamer of life: relationships and time passing by as reality blurs. Away Together is a record that furtively slips into your own memories, demolishing the barrier between listener and artist. While songs like "Lightning" and "Plastic Stars" bring a brash urgency to the record, it's the eponymous coda that cements how versatile Knishkowy can be in creating personal music. Adeline Hotel will be playing a release show at Union Pool this Friday, Oct. 26, but you can stream the album in full below. -Tucker Pennington 


Adeline Hotel premieres new song + performs at The Knit on 08.04

Adeline Hotel's new single 'Habits' feat. Cassandra Jenkins, continues the country-tinged direction set out on the band's last album 'It’s Alright, Just the Same' from 2016. The song's unhurried folk sensibility gently floats on a breeze, but packs in a lyrical heft you might not expect to come by in a sweetly strummed folk tune. But singer/songwriter Daniel Knishkowy excels at drawing weighty contrasts between lightheartedness and poignancy. In 'Habits,' his easy-going vocals provide a tender exterior over a frank discussion of timely existential needs: a wistful rumination on what's really needed to reach happiness, and why it can be so hard to come by. Cassandra Jenkins, who released a notable debut album of her own last year, provides backing vocals.

Check out the just-released single below, and see Adeline Hotel open for The Essex Green at Knitting Factory Brooklyn next Saturday, August 4th. - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)


Brooklyn's Adeline Hotel plays Union Pool on 4/2

Almost effortlessly, ‘How Strange It Is To See’ by Brooklyn folk act Adeline Hotel (aka singer/songwriter Daniel Knishkowy) compels the listener with its quiet power. Bookended by the drum-clasped “Everything Is Going To Be Fine” (streaming below) and the ambling, Wilco-recalling title track, the brisk EP tackles such eternal themes as the passage of time with both gentility and passion, refinement and wildness and, consequently, makes for an instantly memorable listen. Ahead of the release of Adeline Hotel’s forthcoming effort, ‘It’s Alright, Just The same’ on May 13th, Knishokwy will play several upcoming shows including Union Pool on 4/2 and Baby’s All Right on 4/24. - Zach Weg