argonaut&wasp vamp into the night on "Composure," play Rough Trade 5.22

NYC indie dance duo argonaut&wasp lay down vintage sensuality on new release “Composure,” a smooth, sample friendly '80s vamp. Described by some as “the perfect soundtrack to New York City,” the Burlington-via-Brooklyn outfit captures vibes emblematic of the Big Apple’s past and present; their latest single is as much Oliver Stone’s Wall Street than it is Katja Blichfeld’s High Maintenance, a synth-heavy midnight interlude that’s neither old nor new. What makes “Composure” such an engaging listen lies in argonaut&wasp’s ability to round out the track’s more treble-heavy components – there’s jangly guitar riffs and pitch-shifted samples abound, but they never distract from the urbane quality of its keyboard backbone. It gives the song a dark, almost muted quality, marked by a palpable energy that lies just beneath the surface, the type of tune you could jam to both start and end your night. Listen below, and catch them at their Rough Trade on May 22nd. -Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)


argonaut&wasp releases 'Ha! Fiction EP,' plays Rough Trade on 10.29

Brooklyn via Burlington lounge-dance band argonaut&wasp seems to have grown... a band since we last covered them! The duo led by Trey Schibli and Theo Klein, now a quintet, just released their sophomore EP 'Ha! Fiction,' and we can already sense good vibes taking over our lives. These guys just can't make you feel blue, not even with a song titled "Loser Like You," their latest single streaming below, which somehow ended up making us think about something we'd like to say to Donald Trump. These guys' more crowded live show should be fun, you'll have a chance to witness it when they will be playing Rough Trade on October 29th.


Argonaut&Wasp premieres 'Always' + plays Bowery Electric on 03.03

Ah dudes... what on Earth does the first sunny and warm weekend after the winter do to our brains? What kind of happy chemical substance does it unleash? Why do we feel the sudden need to listen to poppy and uptempo music? If that's where you are on this sunny NYC Monday (in February!), this new track by Argonaut&Wasp is bound to boost your mood even further. The band will be performing live at The Bowery Electric on March 3rd.


argonaut&wasp releases new single "The Sneeze"

argonaut&wasp, a smooth soul-dance duo we covered first about a month ago, just released a new single entitled "The Sneeze" - you can stream it below. The track is the first one of a series of new singles to be released from now until the summer, when it will finally be possible to hear the band's music in its more appropriate environment: the beach. You may argue that the title of this single is actually rather wintery... well, not necessarily; it could refer to that peculiar and bizarre sneeze doctors refer to as "photic sneeze reflex" - also referred to as "sun sneezing," a condition that - according to Wikipedia - "affects 18-35% of the population (including yours truly), but whose exact mechanism of action is not well understood."


Buzz Alert: Dance-Rock (or Pop?) from Brooklyn: argonaut&wasp

Hailing from the land of Phish, Ben & Jerry, and Bernie Saunders (Burlington), and now based in (you guessed it) Brooklyn, self defined Dance-Rock duo argonaut&wasp has, in the past year, released a series of catchy singles that have been very well received by the community of internet pop seekers. The band infuses their EDM with elements of funk and soul, and a refreshing dose of unpredictability. They recently headlined the Knitting Factory on a Friday night, which must mean something. Latest single "Cigarettes & My Beautiful Wife" (streaming) might not be an ode to night club adventures (the main lyrics are "I went to bed last night with my beautiful wife..."), but that doesn't mean it won't make you (and your date) dance. Their most popular single is "Higher Ground" from debut EP "Future Protocol," out earlier this year.