Bad Side

Bad Side Punching at the Door at The Farm March 15

Imagine spending another Friday night alone in your bedroom spinning your favorite SSD vinyl while the rest of the city engages in its usual alcohol-soaked debauchery. As you lean back in your chair, resting your kicks on your desk, you sit and think about the youth crew era of hardcore, and remark how those were truly the days. Bear in mind, though, that those days are long gone, and some of us are even too young to even remember shit like that. Now, this may be the point in time when you curse your old age, and look to the sky for guidance. Rest assured, I have you covered; I’m empathetic to all your nostalgic hardcore needs! Prepare for Bad Side. Their brand of hardcore is an eclectic mix of the genre’s timeline, delivering the much-needed punch at the door of the Philly punk scene. In tow will be Ga$h, the area’s premier power-violence and blast beat aficionados. Tonight at The Farm, go back to the glory days of East Coast hardcore when playing chords as fast as possible qualified you as a top tier alpha male. The Farm, (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more details.), 7pm, All Ages - Ed Newton