Body Language

The Hum month-long Monday night residency starts 10/3

Returning for its fourth installment, Hypnocraft presents The Hum, a Deli NYC sponsored, once a week, month-long residency happening at Greenpoint's Manhattan Inn. The series, which will feature over 40 artists collaborating for the first time, aims to not only spotlight female musicians across genres, but also gives them the space to connect creatively with one another. The shows kick off this Monday, October 3rd, with an Audiofemme curated set, and features artists from groups like TEEN, Body Language and many more. Check out Monday's full line up below, and check out Hypnocraft's site here for more information. 

The Hum Line Up: Mon, October 3 | 8pm
Boshra AlSaadi (TEEN, Janka Nabay) + Lindsay Powell (Fielded) + Felicia Douglass (Ava Luna, Gemma) + Nasimiyu (Baeb Rxxth) //
AudioFemme curated set feat. Angelica Bess (Body Language) + Emily Fehler (Gold Child) //
The Artist's Circle w/ Wendy Parr curated set feat. Tanis Chalopin + Jessica Carvo + Michelle & Sarah Cagianese (Frances Rose) //
Rachel Angel + Rachel Housle (Invisible Familiars) + Caitlin Frame (FRAME)


Body Language share new video for “What’s the Point?”

Body Language’s new video “What’s the Point?” pretty well sums up the current cultural sentiment. Combining silky images of desert landscape over fractal kaleidoscopes and angular digital animation, this psychedelic soul gumbo flows together with such liquid ease that its suggestion of co-existence as the only true enlightenment seems a forgone conclusion. It’s disco. It’s funk. It’s soul. It’s electro. And it sounds sexy cool. Comparisons to Kenneth Anger’s short film “Lucifer Rising” - - about the fall of traditional masculinity -- are appropriate for Body Language’s modern direction here. - Brian Chidester


Body Language releases free EP + plays SXSW

If - as Bill Clinton suggested during this latest election cycle - our political system is plagued by a lack of sobering math, it seems to me our prose is in even worse shape. During a recent lunch at Cafe Juliette in Williamsburg, I marked down every time that the trio at the table next to me said the word “like” during a five- minute span. Can’t say the results weren’t depressing, but perhaps serendipitously, Body Language’s new (and free) electro-soul EP, "Grammar," takes today’s rhetorical dilemma and makes it fodder for the cannon. What with mopey titles like “The Chasing,” “What’s the Point?” and “I’m a Mess,” Body Language prescribe the most obvious (yet ardent) of all pop music elixirs: Fun. In other words, if your romantic life sucks, bring your problems to the party and, like, leave ‘em on the dancefloor. But for chrissakes, get out of the house. Mathematically, nothing can happen until you do. Body Language is finishing their debut LP and will be doing a co-headline tour with Vacationer down to SXSW (both bands played The Deli's UN/OFF party at last year's Austin fest). - Brian Chidester


Body Language announces new EP + plays Music Hall of W'burg

Our friends Body Language , who graced the cover of The Deli SXSW 2012 issue, have just released a preview track (Lose My Head, sreaming below) from their upcoming EP Grammar, scheduled for release on September 18. The band is currently touring with Chicago's The Hood Internet - don't miss them at Music Hall of W'Burg tonight (09.14).


Body Language premieres video for "You Can" + plays Santos on June 30

Body Language, who graced the cover of our Deli SXSW 2012 issue, just released the video for their sensual single "You Can". Enjoy!