Butcher Knives

Butcher Knives unveils video + plays live at Pianos on 04.29

A little too often, the musical ingredient of what we highlight in this blog are very limited - ranging from traditional roots music to the more contemporary genres of rock and pop derivatives. That's why it's refreshing to stumble, every now and then, upon a band like NYC's Butcher Knives. Inspired to multi-cultural European acts like Mano Negra and Les Negresses Vertes, this collective uses a mix of ska and rockabilly as a frame for their world music influences, which are heavy on the Gypsy side of things - hence the adoption of the "Gyspybilly" label. Colombian vocalists Nacho Segura and Nikko Matiz also confer a certain Goth element to their songs. The group will be performing at Pianos on April 29th, taking the opportunity to unveil their new video for single 'American Dream,' streaming below, from their latest album 'Misery'.


Butcher Knives bring relentless energy to Rebel Roots Fest

Some people cannot stand (or sit) still for a second, even long after 5 years of age. When these kind of people decide to form a rock band, they become contagious. When a bunch of these people join the same band, they become dangerously viral. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Butcher Knives' video for 'Tell Me Why' got almost 15k plays in just a few months. With a wide range of influences absorbed in the various countries they hail from (Colombia, Israel, Morocco, New Orleans... oh, there's also a New Yorker!) and glued together by a rockabilly attitude, these guys offer great variety in all musical departments but one: breakneck speed. That's why you want to party with them, tomorrow Saturday 29 at the Rebel Roots Fest in Brooklyn.