Carol Cleveland Sings

New Videos: "The Painting's Moved Again" & "Wishing Well" (Live - On the Hill Sessions) - Carol Cleveland Sings

Carol Cleveland Sings swung by for a performance at Kettle Pot Tracks, who just posted a couple of videos from their On the Hill Sessions. You'll find the duo expanded to a trio as they play through casio-pop ditties like the unreleased "The Painting's Moved Again" and the title-track to their latest EP Wishing Well. Both are also available now for streaming and purchase, along with the live recording their new single "Run to Your Bedroom," at KPT's Bandcamp. (Photo by Kettle Pot Tracks)


New Music Video: "Ennui" - Carol Cleveland Sings

Wishing Well, the new EP from Carol Cleveland Sings (which includes Thomas Hughes of The Spinto Band and Gretchen Lohse) was released yesterday. Directed by French artist Anne Horel, the video for “Ennui” captures the joyful electro-pop vibe, added with an assortment of feel-good home-video pet imagery running across the screen, adorned in glasses, costumes, imposed singing etc. It is silly and playful in a way that’ll make you smile. Carol Cleveland Sings debuts their expanded lineup on April 22, at Everybody Hits on a bill that also includes Lomez Place of Worship and Jo Passed.


New Music Video: "Wishing Well" - Carol Cleveland Sings

Below is a new music video for an Italo disco/syth-pop ditty, called "Wishing Well," from Carol Cleveland Sings, the bedroom-pop project of Gretchen Lohse and The Spinto Band's Thomas Hughes. The adorably cheesy video was directed and produced by the duo, and filmed at Planet Ten Studios. It's the first single off Carol Cleveland Sings's upcoming album, Effervescent Lure, which will be released via Humble Twin Records.