Chaos Chaos

Final night of The Hum with Deradoorian, Eartheater, The Blow, Chaos Chaos + more

The final night of The Hum 2017 (a series featuring female NYC musicians collaborating live organized by LPR presents and sponsored by The Deli NYC) reserves a truly spectacular line up that must not be missed. From The Blow's synth pop gems to Eartheater's haunting experimentation, the talent on display is remarkable and absolutely in line with what we here at The Deli expect from artists active in a scene famous for its edge. On the bill also indie pop sister duo Chaos Chaos, droney vocalist Deradoorian (of Dirty Projector fame), Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto and experimental artists Ikue Mori and Clarice Jensen.

Check out this awesome compilation of the songs by the artists in tonight's bill we found on SoundCloud!


TEEN, Chaos Chaos, Von Sell and Gold Child play Audiofemme Anniversay bash tonight (04.19)

A NYC based music blog that fosters music journalism by female music writers, Audiofemme tonight is hosting an anniversary bash at Greenpoint's Good Room with lots of talented, mostly female fronted artists. We blogged about psych pop quartet TEEN and indie pop sister duo Chaos Chaos more than once in this blog - check out those links to refresh your ears. Gold Child (pictured) will also perform on the bill; the trio offers tasteful and relaxed Americana with dreamy overtones and is led by the confident alto of Emily Fehler. On the bill also Von Sell, the solo project of David Von Sell, who released two Hypem-blessed singles that successfully blend experimental textures and soul-pop melodies with jazzy tinges. Check out his latest single 'I Insist' streaming below, and last year's debut 'Ivan,' here - we added the latter to The Deli's playlist of Best electronic songs by emerging NYC artists. On the bill also indie rock quartet Marigolds, who evoke Robyn Hitchcock's legendary early band, the Soft Boys.

We added this Gold Child song to The Deli's playlist of Best rootsy songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


A Deli NYC/Sofar Sounds night with Tica Douglas, Chaos Chaos and Side Saddle

Yesterday (Sunday August 9th)'s large Tribeca headquarters hosted a Deli sponsored show. Once again, it was a night of great music enjoyed by an extremely attentive audience.

Talented songwriter Tica Douglas was first on stage, for a solo acoustic set. Her latest release 'Joey' received a flattering review on Pitchfork this past February, and for a good reason: the young songwriter has crafted a very personal style, and her live delivery of the songs from the album was touching and well performed. Check out the tune that closed yesterday's show below.


Tica was followed by three acoustic guitar strumming dudes from Astoria (in the picture), who represent 50% of the band Side Sattle (we blogged about them in January). The trio picked up the tempo with four catchy folk-pop tunes that stood out for flawless three way vocal harmonies - these guys don't miss a note! The full band can sound completely different from what we heard yesterday, which was more on the lines of their single "When it's All Done" (streaming below). We like both versions. You can see them live at Pianos on August 28. 


NYC (via Seattle) dual sisterhood Chaos Chaos closed the show with something radically different: no signs of acoustic instruments in their set up, just keyboards and a drum machine - played by hand! Now, let's get this straight: playing a drum machine with your fingers is not exactly the simplest thing in the world (we tried), and doing so while singing and shaking an shaker egg reveals superior, almost circus worthy motor skills. Chloe Saavedra pulled that off with flair, while singing back up vocals to her sister Asy, who also showcased a noteworthy instrumental ability at the keyboards. The duo offers electric piano driven songs that are at once catchy and quirky, and feature unexpected breakdowns and a airy openings. They played four new songs, check out their 2014 EP 'Committed to the Crime' here, and/or see them live at Baby's All Right on 08.31.


Brooklyn sister duo Chaos Chaos plays Mercury on 07.13

You may have been already exposed to Brooklyn based sisters Asy and Chloe Saavedra through the adorable pop band they led in the aughts, called Smoosh - the project started when Chloe was eight years old! Now fully grown women, but still remarkably young notwithstanding their decennial experience in the band business,  the Saavandras retired the former moniker in favor of more aggressive sounding Chaos Chaos. Under the new moniker they released two six songs EPs since 2012 . This is a more mature sounding project that blends orchestral, rock and electronic elements, and also showcases impressive dual vocals reminiscent of Deli NYC all time favorites Lucius. We are digging latest single 'Love,' with its noisy edge and electronic texture, check out the video below. Chaos Chaos will be playing The Mercury Lounge on July 13.