Cigarettes After Sex

Rough Trade's Best Albums of the Year: Big Thief, Cigarettes After Sex, The National and Parquet Courts

If you ask us "how's the NYC scene doing these days?" we'll respond with a mixed feelings kind of answer. But even though the local scene is undoubtedly going through some rough times (mostly caused by the excessive cost of the city and the extreme gentrification of Williamsburg), it has still managed to express some very fine music in 2017. Or at least that's what Rough Trade believes, since they just released a list of the Best 20 Records of 2017 that features four albums released by NYC based artists:

Big Thief's Capacity (on the cover of our Winter 2016 issue of The Deli) placed in 4th position. 

Cigarettes After Sex's self titled debut LP placed in 6th position. 

- The National's Sleep Well Beast placed in 14th position

Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts' Milano placed in 16th position.

Four out of twenty, that's A LOT, congrats NYC scene!

Here's a YouTube playlist of these artists' most popular songs from their 2017 releases.


Buzz Alert! Cigarettes After Sex plays Rough Trade on June 1st

Greg Gonzales relocated to Brooklyn at the end of 2015, and the move seems to have proved beneficial. Since then, his uber-mellow, twangy, dreamy band Cigarettes After Sex has developed noteworthy buzz, thanks to their beautiful new record 'Affection,' and to powerfully intimate live performances. Greg's voice, magnetic and androgynous, conveys an aura of ambiguity and mystery to his ghostly material, although his thick mustache/beird combo definitely fights the bi-gender appeal. The band can be experienced live at Rough Trade on June 1st.


Cigarettes After Sex moves to Brooklyn, releases "Affection" LP + plays Baby's on 01.31

Founded in El Paso, TX, around 2008, and featuring a revolving cast of musicians collaborating with singer songwriter Greg Gonzalez, Cigarettes After Sex released debut EP "I" back in 2012. The record took the notion of "mellow pop" to extremes of slowness, melancholy and sparseness unheard since the days when Cowboy Junkies were hot (that was 1988). After building cult status notwithstanding being largely unnoticed by the "mainstream indie blogs," in 2015, Greg made the move to Brooklyn, with plans to release the band's debut album "Affection," scheduled for 2016. Two preview singles from the LP were released in the last few months; we are streaming below the first one, which also functions as title-track. The second one, "Keep On Loving You," can be heard here. If oyu are in the mood for been lulled to sleep in a music venue (maybe between the arm of your loved one!) you shouldn't miss Cigarettes After Sex's upcoming live show at Baby's All Right on January 31st. - Photo courtesy of the Sophie's Floorboard blog

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best mellow songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!