Delta Spirit

Hin Du's new name, new sound, and new album "When You Come In"

For a high school band that's grown out of its garage roots, Hin Du (fka The Hindu Pirates) have come a long way in their six-year search for a definitive sound. While peeling off the surf-rock tag, the band has opened for Delta Spirit, Froth, Avid Dancer, and The Growlers and played fests from Beach Goth and Burgerama in OC to Noise Pop in SF.

Their newest self-released album When You Come In leads a straight departure from the band's blues-tinged surf-rock Pelican Daze and the rosy-eyed pop of their recent "Hurley" EP. Austin Green's synths and noise manipulation add grandiosity to the band's sonic presence, now focused on towering soundscapes than dirtbox licks. The voice of Austin Ferreira, once barenaked, orates in cavernous reverb as the glassy guitars refract in songs like "December" and "In Hell". Fans of orange-swirl psych pop bands Deep Fields and Cosmonauts might have found themselves a new trip buddy.

Listen to "Wind Song" from the album below. - Ryan Mo