Doe Paoro

Misty Boyce teams up with Doe Paoro for single "The Clearing"

Misty Boyce has a new collaboration out with Doe Paoro in the form of "The Clearing". The new single pairs Misty's dark indie dream pop with Doe's haunting voice, resulting in a track that burns with its emotion. "The Clearing" previews what's to come on Boyce's upcoming album genesis, a product of her thoughts over the last two years. Stemming from disaster, "The Clearing" and the songs on genesis cover a rebirth from trauma, as well as what it's like to ruminate on that trauma day after day. They illuminate Boyce's view on the female experience, as well as the freedoms and lack thereof associated with it. Take a listen to "The Clearing" below, and check out genesis when it comes out on September 25th. - Will Sisskind


Doe Paoro plays November residency at The Hotel Café

An electric and soul-igniting Doe Paoro has released a new single following the events of the presidential election. Paoro speaks of the moments leading up to the final recording of the song: “I couldn’t sing the words I had written to the song. They were not resonating with the overwhelming heaviness and sadness I felt on that morning.” Though the meaning behind the lyrics is one of outrage, her audience has reaped the benefits. Paoro’s beautiful vocals, similar to Florence Welsh, flows with dreamy ease as the mood turns from soft to powerful with every exciting drum tease and piano melody. As we reflect on the past year, let us meditate to the haunting and inspiring sonnet of "Fading Into Black’."

Paoro has announced a residency at The Hotel Café for the month of November. We hope to see you there. - Kayla Hay


Soul/R&B singer Doe Paoro throws party at Dirty Laundry for new album "After"

Brooklyn singer Sonia Kreitzer, formerly of Sonia's Party, has recently moved to her new home in Los Angeles as Doe Paoro, her soul/R&B alter ego. It's cause for celebration — Paoro has a new album that's about to be released, and LA locals get an exclusive chance to hear it live first.

After (out September 25th via ANTI- Records) has been a three-year effort with producers Just Vernon (Bon Iver) and BJ Burton, a definite maturation of Paoro's cabin-fevered opus, the sublime debut Slow to Love. Torch songs like the latest single "Nostalgia" embroiders synthwave textures with candid, disconsolate lyrics. With a voice that's been compared to Lykke Li, Zola Jesus, and James Blake, Paoro connects memorable pop hooks to deeper musings on seasonality and the cyclical nature of time.

"The record is a meditation on time, and its illusions — the way each ending is simultaneously a beginning; its ability to speed up, drag or stand still; contract or expand a moment — and the only awareness of what it had been coming retrospectively, or After."

Doe Paoro is holding an exclusive free release party for her label debut After tomorrow night at the Dirty Laundry, touring North America soon after with Little May and Givers. RSVP to celebrate with Paoro, and listen to RAC's remix of "Nostalgia" below. - Ryan Mo


Doe Paoro unveils video for 'New Lows' + plays The Standard on 06.19

We are big fans of Doe Paoro's dark and tastefully tortuous alt-soul. The intriguing Brooklyn artists just unveiled a new rather morbid video for her song 'New Lows,' recently released as a 7" on White Iris. See her live at The Standard in NYC on June 19.  


Deli CMJ Post-Chestral Stage at The Living Room with Cuddle Magic, Dangerous Ponies, Doe Paoro, You Bred Raptors? + more


It took us a couple of weeks to come up with a title for this Deli official CMJ show. On Wednesday October 17 at The Living Room we'll have a fair amount of orchestral instruments on stage, from You Bred Raptors'? frantic cello to Cuddle Magic's gentle winds and xylophone, without forgetting the sparse piano lines of Doe Paoro and Starlight Girls' retro flute. But even though all these instruments are borrowed from the classical tradition, all the artists on this bill have a forward looking, at times even experimental attitude. This is why in the end we settled with the label "Post-Chestral", which is a term we are happy to notice nobody used before - at least not since Google was invented! This of course implies that we are either geniuses or terrible-new-word creators...

Early that evening we'll have the noir chamber pop of Friend Roulette , In One Wind's orchestrated experimentations, and DT Rotbot intricate post-rock. Later at night we'll be enterteined by the cinematic and atmospheric music of Industries of the Blind followed by cheerful Philadelphia based collective Dangerous Ponies(in the picture, Cuddle Magic and You Bred Raptors).