Eda Wolf

Katie Jones of National Sawdust presents VOL. 12 of The Revolution on 2/25

Brooklyn-based venue, The National Sawdust, was formed with the mission of bringing dynamic, artist-led musical experiences to the performance space and The Revolution series is a prime example. This musical movement--the twelfth in the series--aims to highlight artists that are bringing innovation and advancements to their genres. This Saturday's show will feature an eclectic array of talent with slacker rockers Rachel Angel, electro-R&B group Eda Wolf, and the jazz/funk/neo-soul quintet Nuf Said gracing the bill. The show is a sure-fire ticket to a killer set of performances, so be sure check out more info on The Revolution Vol. 12 here.-Olivia Sisinni


Trippy Soul from Brooklyn Eda Wolf

Let's say it, most incarnations of R'n'B are annoyingly and shamelessly commercial. But those forms distort the depth of the genre's core, which is soul music, whose roots have nothing to do with pleasing everybody in the most superficial way possible. When soul music meets talent interested in digging a little deeper and trying something new, the result is often surprisingly beautiful music - think about the trip hop wave of the 90's (Massive Attack in particular) or the early TV on the Radio records. Brooklyn based duo Eda Wolf offer a similar musical recipe, and even though their songs would benefit from a tighter production, they have the moving intensity and edge of those classic records. Check out single "Slow Speed below.