The Hum month-long Monday night residency starts 10/3

Returning for its fourth installment, Hypnocraft presents The Hum, a Deli NYC sponsored, once a week, month-long residency happening at Greenpoint's Manhattan Inn. The series, which will feature over 40 artists collaborating for the first time, aims to not only spotlight female musicians across genres, but also gives them the space to connect creatively with one another. The shows kick off this Monday, October 3rd, with an Audiofemme curated set, and features artists from groups like TEEN, Body Language and many more. Check out Monday's full line up below, and check out Hypnocraft's site here for more information. 

The Hum Line Up: Mon, October 3 | 8pm
Boshra AlSaadi (TEEN, Janka Nabay) + Lindsay Powell (Fielded) + Felicia Douglass (Ava Luna, Gemma) + Nasimiyu (Baeb Rxxth) //
AudioFemme curated set feat. Angelica Bess (Body Language) + Emily Fehler (Gold Child) //
The Artist's Circle w/ Wendy Parr curated set feat. Tanis Chalopin + Jessica Carvo + Michelle & Sarah Cagianese (Frances Rose) //
Rachel Angel + Rachel Housle (Invisible Familiars) + Caitlin Frame (FRAME)


FIELDED releases "Boy Angel" EP on August 18th - release party at Cameo on 08.18th

FIELDED is the stage name of Lindsay A. Powell, a singer and songwriter currently based in Brooklyn. She describes her music as both "future-pop" and "post-apocalyptic pop;" certainly seem to be apt descriptions after listening to her most recent full-length, "Ninety Thirty Thirty," infused as it is with dark gospel tones and hints of goth. Powell's powerful melodies lend a pop sensibility to the varied and genreless instrumentation, which includes synths, electronic drum beats, pianos, and even some jazzy, 80s sounding saxophone work (like in older single "Eve of a New Moon"). The latest release from FIELDED is "I Choose You," a track from 2014 which will be included in her upcoming EP "Boy Angel," to be released on August 18th. The song (streaming below) is a wonderful testament to Powell's vocal abilities and unconventional songwriting, as she crafts a powerful and personal pop-gospel sound accompanied by only a low-key synth line, effected backing vocals and, towards the end, some catchy finger snaps. The release party for "Boy Angel" is scheduled for August 27th at Cameo's. - Patrick Wolff


NYC Artists on the rise: Fielded, live at Death by Audio on 03.21

LA/Chicago/NYC based one woman band Fielded (wow, that's a lot of cities for one person!) is the project of producer Lindsay Powell (originally one half of sister duo Festival and part of experimental prog project Ga'an), who creates loop based music featuring random percussive sounds, synths and several layers of her voice. Latest single "Reign" (from upcoming EP 'Universally Handsome') sounds like a truly genreless - although vaguely african sounding - pop gem.  Refreshingly, unlike most electronic acts out there, Lindsay doesn't feel compelled to fill up the sonic spectrum with all sorts of parts, if not - occasionally, and appropriately - to propelle the track's chorus. 

This is a talented, original artist that deserves more attention; you have a chance to see her live in Brooklyn at Death by Audio tomorrow (03.21).

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!