hard nips

Weekly Feature: Hard Nips play Glasslands on 12.06

From Japan-to-Brooklyn, girl rock band Hard Nips are not only known for their catchy, anthemic party rock, but also for their quirky live performances that will keep you coming back for more.  They recently released a new EP titled 'Uncommon Animal' which packs some heavy riffage but is also fun and light hearted, just like them.  They've been playing music since 2009, after they all had just met and decided to form a band, picking up their respective instruments for the very first time - now that's punk attitude! They also have a kick-ass website might we add. 

See them live at Glasslands on 12.06 and read Michael Haskoor interview with Hard Nips.


Hard Nips added to The Deli's CMJ show at Spike Hill on 10.23

Next week is CMJ week folks! As you may have noticed, The Deli - as usual - has some kind of mini-festival within the festival, with seven stages and about fifty bands booked. Oh, and there's one more! The provocative, rigorously Japanese female quartet known as Hard Nips will be closing our Garage/Psych/DIY show at Spike Hill on Thursday 10.23 with their... (can we say sexy? ok...) sexy brand of garage rock. Definitely the right way to end a crazy night of music in NYC, they'll hit the stage just after 1am.