Homeboy Sandman

New(YC) Releases: Homeboy Sandman, Emefe, Mutual Benefit, Olga Bell and Frankie Cosmos

Here's our usual, "blurbless" appointment with tracks recently released by NYC based artists that are either "not so emerging" (but also not so famous!) or have already been covered a lot in the past in ths very blog, enjoy!

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Homeboy Sandman drops new LP “Hallways” on Stone’s Throw Records on 10.06

For those familiar with his straight-forward yet multi-dimensional lyrical escapades, this is a highly anticipated release. Homeboy Sandman is one of those rappers who, by saying exactly how he feels, pulls you directly into his corner and gets you rooting for him. His style and approach breathe new life into the art of rap. Like halfway into the video for the single “Problems” he says, “I’m surrounded by Hipsters, what does that say about me? Maybe I’m not being honest with myself. Hipsters love independent movies, shit, I love independent movies, actually I just like independent movies, so I guess I’m cool there.” His honesty pushes us to be more honest with our own thoughts, styles, and self-perceptions. Whatever problems he may have, making great memorable music isn’t one of them. - BrokeMc


YC the Cynic plays Gramercy with Homeboy Sandman and Tone Tank on 01.18

Bills like this don’t come around too often. Curated by true hip hop heads, featuring some of the baddest talent pulsing through the veins of the underground, this event that could go down in history as the one you were lucky enough to be at - like when the Beasties toured with RUN-DMC or Wu-Tang with Rage Against the Machine. Homeboy Sandman, YC the Cynic (pictured), I Am Many, and Tone Tank round out the New York sets like a style sampler. Also featured is LA via Chicago’s Open Mike Eagle’s smoked-out psychedelia rap. Each performer is a genius in his own right; it would be stupid to miss this show. - BrokeMc


Das Racist + Homeboy Sandman: “Im Up on That”.

Like baseball and hot dogs or Hulk Hogan and steroids, some things are meant for each other. Brooklyn party rappers Das Racist and alt-hopper Homeboy Sandman prove their pairing is as natural as Texas and tacos on the jovial “I’m Up on That”, a three minute romp of free associative word play over jazzy production. “So Wesley Willis, but we’ll kill it on the charts,” quips Sandman, a comparison more apt than it sounds. Like prime Ghostface “I’m Up on That” manages to channel abstract imagery into a meaningful recording that even a casual listener can appreciate. Check out the song here. - Nick Haycock

Das Racist - Homeboy Sandman


Hip Hop NYC artist on the rise: Homeboy Sandman – The Good Sun

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. When he heard Homeboy Sandman’s album he realized he’d had it too easy. About three years ago, Homeboy Sand stormed the NYC underground scene attending pretty much every open mic in the city—sometimes two or three a night. His hypnotic, tongue-twisting rhymes and unorthodox beat selection earned him an immediate distinction among his peers. With his third release “The Good Sun” (HighWaterMusic), Homeboy Sand shines with a warm, earnest delivery that reflects his ferocious drive and contemplative nature. His energy pulses through the tracks as he stretches and bends his words around every snap and pop. It's the type of album that you listen to and wish he was there listening with you so you could high-five him after each track. He'll be celebrating the release on June 1st at SOBs. Be prepared to spend most of the night frantically hopping around with your hands in the air. - BrokeMC