The Immaculates

A show you can't miss: Cake Shop Benefit on Saturday 07.14, with Wild Yaks, Shilpa Ray + more

I can't even imagine the Lower East Side without The Cake Shop, which has been going through some financial hardships as of late. The loss of this venue would mean that the more noisy, experimental, and DIY side of the NYC scene would have abandoned Manhattan once and for all. And noisy, experimental and DIY music is a huge and seminal component of what this scene has expressed since the 60s. Ya man, it all happened in Manhattan - nobody gave a crap about the Brooklyn scene until the aughts! This is why we should all make an effort to visit The Cake Shop more often, in particular this Saturday July 14th, when 4 great local bands and legendary DJ Dan Selzer (of NY Happenings Yahoo Group fame) will entertain hopefully a packed house in support of the Ludlow Street rowdiest venue. Hilarious drunk punks Wild Yaks willheadline, bringing the usual dose of unruly fun on stage, preceded by Shilpa Ray's charismatic and imaginative freak folk (one of her songs streaming below). The opening bands will be soul-rock quartet The Immaculates and ungooglable garage-blues band DON'T. There will be also a photo exhibit by local photographer Ebru Yildiz.


NYC artists on the rise: The Immaculates

There are a lot of stories floating around New York. But with so much emphasis on sculpting obtuse dreamscape imagery and lyrical hieroglyphs in music these days, it can be easy to forget the power that rock can have when it comes to just telling a good story, without all the fuss. Three piece The Immaculates is bringing back the form in a big way.

In a strange way, this band reminds me of James Murphy more than perhaps any other artist working right now. And I'm not just referring to their penchant for old-school rock jams fit for bootyshaking either. Perhaps I'm just waxing nostalgic, but I miss the role of the NYC storyteller relating his experiences for the rest of us, supplicated on a clean and simple texture. We don't have enough of these artists these days, and The Immaculates make up for this deficit with songs ranging from how they spent their christmas, to how their friends are spending their Spring.

For the band, New York is full of engaging characters and drama, and it's refreshing to hear them build solid basslines and rolling drumlines around these landmarks.- Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)