Joy Again

New Joy Again EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Piano (Honeymoon) is the latest release from Philly quintet Joy Again. The seven-song selection delivers bright, bubbly, slightly-twisted pop-rock. A silky, fluid sound comfortably wraps around your ears. Take it for a spin, and enjoy!


New Track: "Country Song" - Joy Again

Lil Nas X's chart-topping success with "Old Town Road" reinvigorated the debate over how one approaches musical genres. Is it about sonic structure, lyrical setting, the overall lifestyle/culture it depicts, etc.? That being said, Joy Again have new single that they've titled “Country Song”. The recording melds the warmth of slide and acoustic guitar, with keys and backend, helping yopur mind meander down some backwoods road. The track morphs over the course of time, bring to mind Ween-esque musical terrain, shifting expectations. Is it a "country song"?


New Track: "Kim" - Joy Again

Produced by long-time collaborator Caleb Laven (who worked on Frank Ocean's Blonde & Endless), “Kim,” the new single from Philly quintet Joy Again, toys with juxtaposing concepts. Lyrically, the song willingly vacates personal control; however, those submissive characteristics are countered by a refreshing, punchy, instrumental drive. Zapping one with a shot of merriment, despite relinquishing emotive power, it’s a delightfully twisted tale that was just released on NYC's Never Grow Up Records.


New Joy Again EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Joy Again celebrates their freshly released EP with a show this evening at PhilaMOCA. Available via Never Grow Up Records, the album hovers between its succinctly woven instrumental threads and its unassuming lo-fi inflections. An instant gravitational pull is the result, as the close connection of relaxed but reverberating vocals combine with the subtly strong steer of layered instrumentation, sparking fine grooves. It’s a fine example of the depths and power of simplicity. Ian Sweet, Acid Dad, and Shelf Life complete tonight’s lineup presented by Smilin’ Ambassador.


New Video: "Looking Out For You" (Live - Swell Tone) - Joy Again

Indie-pop six-piece Joy Again joined Swell Tone for a live performance of the group's standout, "Looking Out For You". It was directed by Bob Sweeney and Shana Hartzel, and was recorded inside West Philly's Mariposa Food Co-op. Joy Again will also be opening for Lithuania tomorrow night at PhilaMOCA, along with Shelf Life.