Kill Alters

Noise purveyors Kill Alters play October Residency at Market Hotel

Avante-garde electronic trio Kill Alters will take up residency at Market Hotel for the duration of October, lending their disconcerting, experimental sound to the Brooklyn venue every Thursday throughout the year’s spookiest month. Building on the momentum of their three archival releases earlier this year (Kill Alters Archives Vol. 3, Bonnie Baxter Cobweb Sensations, and Kill Alters Vol. 4), the New York noise outfit will accompanied by a slew of supporting acts, some of which include Brian Chase (of the Yeah Yeahs), Ikue Mori, Hisham A, and more, all of which will culminate with a Halloween “Mutant Massacre” performance. Attendees will also have the opportunity to give donations to Al Otro Lado, a bi-national legal services nonprofit who provide advocacy representation to deportees and other individuals in need of immigration-related civil rights services. Catch a show, support a good cause, and stream Kill Alters Archive Vol. 4 below. -Connor Beckett McInerney 


Kill Alters release 'No Self Helps' + play St. Vitus on 06.16

Brooklyn noisemakers Kill Alters make music that attacks, both physically and mentally. With pulsating percussions, laser-like synths, and the visceral vocals of Bonnie Baxter, the band offers a sound that's aggressive, complex, and demanding. Their compositions break from tradition, incorporating sounds ranging from the industrial to the downright frightening (a baby's laughter), and adopting a nightmarish aesthetic reminiscent of early post punk groups like Throbbing Gristle. Upcoming LP 'No Self Helps' (out June 28th on Haus Mountain) promises something different, and sometimes uncomfortable, through a journey that's complex, textured, and entertaining, every step of the way.  See them live at St. Vitus on 06.16. - Allie Miller


Kill Alters bring their mind-melding avant-noise to Union Pool 4/08

Introducing an EP with a 12 second recording of the infamous Casio demo tune is definitely an unconvential choice, but Kill Altars is far from being a conventional band. Their latest release, no self help is driven by thick, primative tom-toms, and features the intesection of fuzz and noise, colliding against half-sung vocals that sound as if they're edging closer and closer toward a total mental meltdown. The release is a trippy, psych/noise freakout daring you to push it over the edge. Take a listen to the EP below, but behold the band live for yourselves at Union Pool 4/8.-Olivia Sisinni