Lily & The Parlour Tricks

Lily & The Parlour Tricks unveils "Requiem" video, announces full length + plays Bonnaroo

Rather unusually, indie rock Brooklyn collective Lily & The Parlour Tricks just premiered their new video for single "Requiem" on our favorite web source of biased information, the Wall Street Journal (it's true, we read it to hurt ourselves). This instantly opens a gigantic can of political worms: tough questions must be asked, and we won't shy away from them!

Are those "sexy" dance moves (first two seconds of the video in particular) appropriate for a publication that caters to an audience that predominantly shares a conflictual relationship with sex? (FYI, the band is famous for their "sinful" press pictures). Will the Journal lose some of the coveted Tea Party readership for premiering a video featuring music and images of young NYC hipsters, who very likely contributed to elect "the Devil" to the highest office, and almost certainly had all sorts of pre-marital - and probably also some version of homosexual - sex? And finally, can or should music unite left and right in today's divisive political atmosphere? To quote The Cardigans: "Well I sure hope so. I really hope so. But I don't think so." 

Are we being serious you ask? Not really.

This single will be featured in Lily & The Parlour Tricks' upcoming album, to be released later this year. The band is scheduled to play Bonnaroo and Summer Fest in June.

P.S. In case you are wondering, those two links are meant to go to the same destination.


Lily & The Parlour Tricks releases new single "Belle Gunness"

Starting a band is one of the easiest things in the world - but making it work, keeping at it, and forging material that's consistently good is gargantuan challenge. This is why a track like Lily & The Parlour Trick's "Belle Gunness" (streaming below) should be cause for celebration. We've been following Lily's musical adventures for quite some time - the band actually released an EP at one of our 2011 CMJ shows - and this tense, stomping, electric gospel definitely takes things to the next level through a new found sonic boldness. Wow, at this very moment the thought of Lily & the Parlour Tricks becoming some kind of female version of Nick Cave $ The Bad Seeds - or a darker version of Lucius -  is blowing our minds! And congrats to the band for getting this song placed in a BMW commercial!

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Alt Rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Back to the 60s with Lily and The Parlour Tricks, Live at Cameo 08.14

There’s nothing wrong with going retro if you’ve found a good road (and a nice map for that matter). And it seems that cherry-lipped New Yorker Lily Claire (alongside with her band mates, who are hidden under ‘The Parlour Tricks’ title) can handle a trip in a time machine not only without any sickness but with a spark. Most of the times the band travels right to the early 60s (before the underground-psychedelic "contaminating" period) to play with the decade's feel-good attitude - the best number is ‘Oh, Boy’, that brings The Chordettes’ ‘Mr. Sandman’ to mind. Then there’s ‘Gigolo’, that sounds like Lily Allen covering some forgotten Motown’s classic. A moment of sadness comes with ‘The Murder Song’, a tune that your parents could easily have danced to at their prom night. But don’t expect any dust on Lily’s debut EP (set to come out this fall) – this girl knows how to return to 2010 just in time to make her vintage tunes sound fresh. Lily and The Parlour Tricks will be playing at Cameo on August 14. - Mikhael Agafonov