Line Leader

"Krispy Kareem and Chill" at Venue Boy Nov. 22

Join Krispy Kareem, Gingerlys, Old Maybe, and Line Leader for a Sunday Fun Day show at Venue Boy. Krispy Kareem will bring their wide-ranging sound that spans from chugging folk-pop inspired rippers to emo-tinged pop-punk anthems - and sometimes both within the same song. The band has a talent for moving through a diverse, sometimes genre-traversing dynamic range, employing guitar flourishes that tip the cap to the whimsical fretwork of Cap’n Jazz as well as classic tenor-baritone vocal interplay that fits together like lamb and tuna fish. Gingerlys adhere to a similarly energetic pop-punk style, but soak the whole production in reverb. The result is something that sounds like Slumberland circa 1996 - I’m talking bands like Velocity Girl or Rocketship, drenched in liquidy synth pads. Soft, murmured male-female vocals further locate them within the fuzzy tradition of MBV-influenced 90s noise pop. Old Maybe composes succinct, minimalist, occasionally dreary, always otherworldly bedroom ditties that capture fleeting, sometimes inconsequential moments and emotions. The project at times seems like a spider web used to ensnare passing sonic ideas, but the inspiration underlying each experimentation is clear. Line Leader is another lively, garage-punk-inclined act who weave through unwavering surf jingles and raw, driving Wipers-style jams. Venue Boy, (Please contract one of the acts or venue for more info.), 7pm, $5-$7, All Ages - Bryce Woodcock


Line Leader Opening for Ed Schrader's Music Beat at PhilaMOCA Aug. 30

Psych-garage power trio Line Leader is set to open tonight's WKDU presented bill at PhilaMOCA. The fledgling group is fronted by promising guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Sean Clark, who is backed by drummer Austin Burkey and the band's new bassist JP Moynihan. They recently shared a new cassette earlier this month entitled Live in July, and will be on hand this evening to support Baltimore alt-rock duo Ed Schrader's Music Beat and Colma. PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12th St., 7:30pm, $10, All Ages - Alexis V.