This Weekend: Captured Tracks celebrates 5 years with show at The Well

New York label Captured Tracks celebrates its 5th anniversary with a two day festival this weekend at The Well in Bushwick.

The Saturday show is headlined by breakout stars DIIV, who have redefined the standard for feel good guitar-bass interplay. Floating, reverberated vocals add to the joyous vibe that makes you want to dance and dream at the same time. Of equal importance on this night will surely be the romantic pop and classic hooks of MINKS. Their most recent release “Margot” is about as perfect a summer fall in love song one could possibly hope for. It’s the synth pop we loved in the 80’s with a truly engaging front vocalist and a chorus that tugs hard at your heart. Heavenly Beat, Chris Cohen and Blouse round out day 1.

Sunday’s show kicks off the first of the month with three homegrown acts whose prominence continues to rise. Widowspeak rightly places clear emphasis on Molly Hamilton's somnolent vocals and centralized presence. Guitarist Robert Earl Thomas keeps everything from getting too dreamy and sleepy, by ripping guitar lines with forceful clarity. Beach Fossils continue to grow and expand their sound in unpredictable ways. The signature piercing guitar sound remains, but is now driven along by a more powerful percussive element. Wild Nothing, Soft Metals, Alex Calder and a “Special Guest” round out this second night. - Dave Cromwell


MINKS releases "Tides End" + unveils video for "Margot"

The summer of 2013 might well be remembered as a very dreamy one in the NYC scene, considering the seemingly unlimited supply of dream pop, dream folk, shoegazer, psych rock and glo-fi records we get handled digitally. Last but not least here comes the sophomore MINKS album "Tides End", out today, and created by the frontman/songwriter Sonny Kilfoyle in some sort of self-confinment in the East End of Long Island. Is reality in NYC really so grim for musicians? At least,  music like this makes it less grim for music fans!

Check out the video for single "Margot" below, which kind of screams: "Not really interested in going back to Brooklyn."