Mother Feather

Mother Feather returns with "Red Hot Metal" single + show at BK Bazaar on 09.29

The project of glamorous alt rock vocalist Ann Courtney and keyboardist/singer Elizabeth Carena, Mother Feather is a band born to be on a stage. Active since 2009, the group is approaching their ten year anniversary with a new single entitled "Red Hot Metal" (streaming below) and a show at Brooklyn Bazaar on September 29th. The song, a tense yet sparse post-grunge track resting on Ann Courtney's solid alto, is among the best material the band has released so far, and will hopefully be followed by a full album (no mention of it at this stage). The band will perform live at Brooklyn Bazaar on September 29th.


Deli CMJ Indie Pop/Rock Stage at Spike Hill with Eytan & The Embassy, Mother Feather, Motive, The Last Royals + more


For Wednesday's Deli CMJ showcase at Spike Hill, expect a sweet crescendo from the sprightliest to the raunchiest of our pop/rock picks. Headlining the first half of the evening, featuring five of the city's upcoming Indie Pop artists, we're offering you the eccentricities of Eytan & The Embassy and the passionate ballads of duo The Last Royals, whose debut album is on the way. These two will be joined by Flying Points, a new record on the way, who will be opening show, followed by Fast Years, whose latest music video you should definitely be checking out if you haven't already, and the only solo artist of the lot, Ace Reporter.

Subtle transition into the second part of the night, Motive will be the first headliner of our Alt Rock stage, opening the dance with their delectable indie rock before co-headlining cock-rock outfit Mother Feather comes to take over with its flamboyant tease of an act, heating the crowds up for the last two bands of the evening. Next up will be self-dubbed 'weird rock' troubadours New Beard, and to conclude the night, you'll be entertained by the contemporary intepretations of back-to-basics rock&roll formulas served up by Raccoon Fighter. - In the pictures: Eytan & the Embassy and Mother Feather.


Weekly Feature: Mother Feather announces live EP + plays Nova Festival in the UK

Here's an excerpt from the interviewed The Deli did with self described "Pop Cock Rock" NYC band Mother Feather (who placed at #78 in our latest Best of NYC Poll for Emerging Artists): "We could not be more excited to perform at the Nova Festival in the UK this July. To help support the trip, we will be releasing a live EP through our website that will only be available during the month of June. It will include some unreleased tracks as well as the Futures dance remix of “Mother Feather.” - Read Jen Margott full interview here. (photo by Steve Meyer)


Mother Feather - Santos Party House (March 28th)

Brooklyn based “pop cock-rock” band, Mother Feather, played Santos Party House on March 28th, along with a number of unconventional groups. The openers for the evening, Dolchnakov Brigade, set a wild tone for the night, handing out onions while having a gas masked man rub the pungent vegetables against members of the audience. When Mother Feather took the stage the crowd was ready for anything and Ann Courtney’s sequined and flower-chested dress kept the audience hypnotized.  The third song of the night, “Beach House” off their recently released EP displayed a softer and more pop-driven side to the group, but Courtney made sure to complement every moment of vulnerability with raw energy and spit water into the audience twice, screaming and writhing. The song “Trampoline” had the crowd jumping and dancing (rare for a NYC show) and mimicking the singers’ dance moves. The power, precision, punk and glam of this group makes their live performance incredible, but manages to also translate well to their studio polished EP because of such insatiably catchy vocals and beats. - Chelsea Eriksen

MP3: Mother Feather - Trampoline


Best of NYC #78: Mother Feather at Santos - 03.28

Lady-led and glamorous Brooklyn troupe, Mother Feather (who placed at #78 in our 2011 Year End Poll for emerging NYC artists), will be flocking to Santos Party House with fellow female-infused groups, dance-party rock duo, Hank and Cupcakes, exotic indie poppers, My Pet Dragon, and electro-quartet Dolchnakov Brigade on Wednesday, March 28. This past fall, Mother Feather let a four-track EP fly, highlighting flight motifs and their spirited, bouncy, charismatic, and danceable sonic personality. Rustle your feathers and migrate downtown to Santos to catch the spunky, invigorating, and visually stimulating line-up starting at 7pm. The show is 18+. - Meijin Bruttomesso - photo by Steven M. Meyer