Nude Beach

Nude Beach celebrates release of "LP77" at Mercury tomorrow (11.05)

Long Island bad boys Nude Beach don't care (among many other things) that the clock has ticked about a gazillion times since 1977, and obstinately keep putting out records inspired by the music of those golden years, although bypassing entirely what was happening in NYC at the time - not sure whether to call that refreshing or outrageous! You won't hear Television, Lou Reed, Blondie or The Talking Heads in their songs, but you will find at once The Clash, Buzzcocks, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and even Elvis Costello. From the two singles available for streaming, the band seems to have matured musically - athough we are pretty sure they'll deny that: "mature" is a dirty word in punk/DIY circles they dwell in. Maybe that's why they asked kids to help them create this video for single "For You." See them live tomorrow (11/05) at Mercury for the release party of their third album entitled "LP 77."


Nude Beach unveils new single "What Can Ya Do" + tours

Brooklyn rockers Nude Beach shared today the a-side from their upcoming 7" on Other Music, a rock and roll burner entitled "What Can Ya Do". They are also hitting the road this week for a string of dates ending with a show at The Knit on July 5th, and after that will be working on a new album.


NYC Artists in Stereogum's Top 40 New Bands

The folks over at Stereogum have just published the list of their 40 favorite new bands, so here's a little round up of the local talent to be found on said list, led on the NYC front - no surprise there - by Harlem's loudmouth Azaelia Banks. But what NEXT?

Second in line (the list is organize alphabetically) comes new Brooklyn four-piece DIIV (formerly Dive) who after three singles and a full-length has found itself a decent crowd and a place under the spotlight with its dream pop delights, followed by Ice Choir's punchy synthpop straight from an 80s flashback. After a cast of four up-and-coming rappers (who'll be covered shortly by brokeMc) we find two of the city's hardworking young rock&roll trios Nude Beach and Sleepies (pictured) – both of which released new albums this year and are gradually attracting their well deserved lot of attention. Finally we get to TEEN, new indie pop project by ex-Here We Go Magic keyboard player Kristina Lieberson, which only emerged on the radar about a month ago ago with a debut album 'In Limbo' and clotures the list - that's what you get when you pick a band name starting with "T". Ten out of 40, with a list that spreads over to Europe? Not bad at all New York - check these bands out on the playlist below! 


On the road with Nude Beach for their 'Radio' music video

Past a first round of late 70s references de rigueur, Petty this, Thunders that, what you're left with is not a trio of hopeless retromaniacs, but a young rock and roll band looking for an adventure - like every other young rock and roll band before them. Through bits and pieces from personal archives, that's the side of Nude Beach we get further acquainted with on their new video, released yesterday, with a peak into the junk-eating, drink-downing routine of a trio having a laugh on the road, playing for new crowds and watching America pass by the windows of a van to the rolling beat of their nostalgic 'Radio' (off sophomore album II).

As of next week, Nude Beach will be heading off for a series of West Coast shows before catching up with Texan legend Roky Erickson whom they will be touring with throughout the month of November. If that ain't an adventure.. 


Summer 2012 Issue


Summer 2012 Issue

This is The Deli's Summer issue 2012! 
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