Parlor Tricks

Noteworthy bill of locals at Shea on 05/07: Parlor Tricks, Starlight Girls, Not Blood Paint, and A Deer A Horse

Nobody in the music scene likes to be called a "veteran" - it implies loss of youth, in a youth obsessed field - but it's undeniable that bands surviving in the Big Apple for 5+ years are rare and should be honored with a title... what about "Pillars of the NYC Scene"? There will be four of them performing at Shea Stadium this Saturday May 7th:  Parlor Tricks, Starlight Girls, Not Blood Paint, and A Deer A Horse (pictured). Check out their latest releases below.


Lily and the Parlour Tricks become Parlour Tricks, release video, play Mercury on 12.13

Fresh from playing multiple showcases at both the CBGB and CMJ festivals in October, the newly dubbed PARLOUR TRICKS (formerly Lily and the) have recently released new material. Their latest single "Lovesongs" (streaming) reiterates an already established reputation for appealing harmonies and compelling songwriting. Produced by Emery Dobyns with mixing by Michael Ilbert and mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound, the track emphasizes melody and vocal purity over any kind of artificial digital enhancements. Meanwhile, their live show presents a visual and auditory experience that comes together with a seamless professionalism. The band will be playing live at The Mercury Lounge for their early show on Saturday, December 13th with Rocket & The Ghost. - Dave Cromwell