Pill brings saxed-up noise-math rock to Baby's All Right on 10.19

Pill's fourth release to date, entitled 'Aggressive Advertising,' seconds the axiom according to which crazy sounding bands that manage to stick together only get better with time. The Brooklyn quartet's earth shattering, saxophone-armed brand of noise/math rock finds a new musicality and maturity, both in devilishly aggressive tracks like "Empathizer (Rat in the Box)" (streaming), and more spacious numbers like "Side Eye" (streaming), which manages to blend a variety of disparate influences, including Morricone's cinematic guitars, Naked City's unexcpeted sonic assaults and Fugazi's stilish, bass driven post-hardcore. The band, led by screamer in chief Veronica Torres, is a force to be reckoned with when on stage, so don't miss their upcoming shot at Baby's All Right on October 19th.


We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best punk/garage songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!



Out In The Streets Festival comes to Ridgewood, Queens on 7/16 and 7/17

Whoever said Queens isn’t cool (hey! it's the new Brooklyn!) surely must not have heard of the Out In The Streets Festival coming to the Onderdonk House in Ridgewood for its fourth year on July 16-17.  Filled with some of our favorite local artists, such as The So So Glos and Frankie Rose, the festival is primarily a rock'n'roll fest. Bands will be playing with a backdrop of art, food and the Ridgewood market.  We’ve prepared a playlist to give a taste of the artists playing this weekend, but be sure to head over to the Out In The Streets festival to hear them for yourself. - Madeleine Grossman


Market Hotel returns with edgy DIY bill on 01.23: Guerrilla Toss, PC Worship, Pill

Well, in case anybody doubted it, the Brooklyn DIY movement is alive an well, and the news of the reopening of Market Hotel hopefully will allow it to flourish for many more years. The Bushwick venue that became somewhat legendary in the late aughts under Todd P's curatorial activity (and which we partly captured in this 2008 Deli NYC cover of Crystal Stilts playing a show there), will reopen its doors on January 22 with a two day party. The second night, on January 22nd, will host a bill featuring three of the most authentically DIY bands currently based in Brooklyn: Guerrilla Toss, PC Worship, and Pill. Enjoy their noise below, and congrats to Todd P who persevered to make this dream of his a reality - we interviewed him about this (and other things) back in 2014.


Lots of noisy/dreamy emerging NYC bands at Baby's All Right tomorrow afternoon (01.09)

Our friends at OhMyRockness are organizing, together with and at Baby's All Right, a solid afternoon of local bands on Saturday 01.09 (tomorrow). We blogged about most of them recently so we'll let their music speak in this Minilogs compilation! In the picture, Dreamcrusher.


Pill is OMR's NYC's Hardest Working band of 2015!

At the end of each year, our friends at OhMyRockness.com have the habit to make a list of NYC's Hardest Working Bands - i.e. the ones that played the most shows, at least according to their database (they don't list every single show played in NYC, it would be impossible since there are a lot of unofficial gigs and improvised venues). Even though obviously limited to indie and punky acts, this is definitely an interesting chart, because, in NYC, only artists who have the rare ability to consistently draw a decent crowd get booked more than a couple of times per quarter - and all of the bands in this list played an average of two to three shows per month! Topping the list is post-punk-with-sax quartet Pill, who played THIRTY NINE (!!!) shows in 2015 (with a stunning average of more than three show per month in NYC alone!). The band released their self titled debut EP on local label Dull Tools in March, and then single "Hot Glue" (streaming below) on Mexican Summer in August. They already have FOUR shows scheduled for January 2016... evidently, they are trying to best themselves!

P.S. Tall Juan and Acid Dad share the OMR's list podium, full list with 21 names here - congrats to all!