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Artists on Trial: Mad Libby

Mad Libby has found a measurable amount of success in the region with its brand of energetic, fiery rock. The dynamic four-piece band has won accolades in Kansas City and beyond, being bestowed the honor of No. 2 rock band in the Midwest according to Project Backstage. And now, they are The Deli KC’s September artist of the month! Read on to find out more about this high-powered outfit.
The Deli: Down and dirty: 1 sentence to describe your music. What is it?
Mad Libby: Rock and roll, punk, and power pop tossed into a blender and turned on high!
The Deli: What have some of your biggest accomplishments been as a band?
Mad Libby: One of our biggest accomplishments was winning 2012's California Dreamin' III contest and getting to play The Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles. We also took home artist of the year in 2013 at the Project Backstage awards show.
The Deli: What do you have coming up that we should know about?
Mad Libby: We will be at Aftershock on Oct 11 supporting Jessica and Dana kicking off their tour as the backing band for The Fabulous Miss Wendy.
The Deli: What does supporting local music mean to you?
Mad Libby: Supporting the local scene means everything to us. Without the scene, we wouldn't be here. A lot of the bands you hear on the radio were all part of someone's local scene at some point. Be good to the scene and the scene will be good to you!
The Deli: Who are your favorite local musicians right now?
The Deli: Who are your favorite not-so-local musicians right now?
Mad Libby: We love The Melismatics from Minneapolis, Save The Hero from Omaha, Kingshifter from Wichita. Just to name a few!
The Deli: What is your ultimate fantasy concert bill to play on?
Mad Libby: I don't know. I think we'd love to open for The Foo Fighters or Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. OR BOTH!
The Deli: A music-themed Mount Rushmore. What four faces are you putting up there and why?
Mad Libby: THE BEATLES! Just because. They're the Beatles. Or Led Zeppelin. Either way, it'd be an epic sight!
The Deli: Where can we find you on the web?
The Deli: What other goals does Mad Libby have for 2013?
Mad Libby: Mad Libby plans on finishing up recording in 2013 and playing some out-of-town shows.
The Deli: Always go out on a high note. Any last words of wisdom for the Deli audience?
Mad Libby is:
Jennifer Roswold: lead vocals, guitar
Jessica White: bass, vocals
Rob Adams: lead guitar
Dana Scott: drums, vocals 

Head over to Aftershock on Friday, October 11 for your next chance to see Mad Libby. Facebook event page. The band will also be at Czar on November 9, Cafe Acoustic (St. Joseph) on November 16. And mark your calendars for April 11, when Mad Libby will headlining the Project Backstage awards show at Voodoo Lounge.

--Michelle Bacon

Michelle is editor of The Deli Magazine - Kansas City, and also plays drums Drew Black & Dirty Electric and bass in Dolls on Fire and The Philistines. Her teeth are falling out but she will still eat all of the treats fall has to offer and more.

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