Radiation City

A Portland State of Mind 10.18

There is not enough room on our humble blog to rave about each of the amazing acts playing at Portland State University on Saturday. At the risk of sounding like Stefon from SNL, it has EVERYTHING. The lineup is a delightful sampler of some of Portland’s best acts in a variety of genres, put together by our buddies at Banana Stand Media.

DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid offer a Bollywood/world beat DJ set that will get everyone dancing--they’ll probably even teach you some new steps.

TxE (the “x” means “and,” DAD!) put together some of the hottest hip-hop in town, hands-down. Check out their rad album Vs. Portland where they sample a bunch of killer local indie acts.

Hustle & Drone, who last week relased a new track and Instagram-style video featuring raps by Portland Trailblazer Damian Lillard (unbeknownst to him), will bring their ridiculous energy and giant synth pop to the stage as well as some pretty rad lights that make you feel like you’ve just smoked a rainbow.

Top it all off with the enfatuatingly hazy love-pop/rock of dream babes Radiation City, and it’s bound to be one of the best shows you’ll see all year.

So skip a trip to the pub and invest in local music. Or if you go to PSU it’s free, and you’re all definitely studying and not drinking, anyways. Saturday, October 18, from 7pm-11pm in the Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom, room 355, 1825 SW Broadway Ave. The show is free for PSU students, $10 advance for the general public, or $15 at the door. Reserve your ticket at the PSU Box Office.

-Chandler Strutz


Live Review: Radiation City and Friends 5.21

When awesome local bands are friends, powerhouse bills can come together like the one that took place at the Doug Fir Lounge last Wednesday night. Featuring Radiaton City, Sama Dams, and Wishyunu, it was an overall sexy lineup. During Rad City’s set, singer Lizzy Ellison even admitted they try to make songs you’d want to have sex to. 

Wishyunu opened to a pretty solid Wednesday night crowd, playing their loop-heavy electronic pop/rock. All set long smooth and beautiful vocals swirl over the hard-hitting drums. It’s always wonderful to hear how dynamic the duo is with layering and peeling back sounds throughout their songs.

Sama Dams’ set revels in the chaos and noise--bits of soul and pop mashed in with the ever-present math rock. Their powerful vocals, intricate beats, and heavily featured organ remind me of a gospel inspired version of Radiohead or maybe Dirty Projectors.

By the time Radiation City took the stage, Doug Fir was packed. A crowd full of eager fans cheered as the band opened up with a familiar tune from 2012's Cool Nightmares. While there were plenty of jams everyone could sing along to, the band also debuted a handful of brand new soul-packed swing/pop songs from the new album they’re currently recording. Think modern, sexy James Bond theme-songs, where classic groove meets sexy futuristic synth sounds. I hope we can all find the time to get laid listening to Rad City's new album once it's out, it’ll be the right thing to do. Also, shout out to drummer Randy Bemrose, who played despite having a broken elbow, wearing a sling and all. You couldn’t tell from listening to the set.

- Chandler Strutz


Fisherman's Village Music Festival: May 16-17 in Everett, WA

Lying within 25 miles of Seattle, the resurgence of a music scene is inevitable, though building any community is a slow process. Led by the Everett Music Initiative, the Fisherman's Village Music Festival is finally bringing recognition to Everett, Washington as being part of the thriving music culture in the region. The event features an intriguing lineup over the course of two days, Friday May 16th through Saturday May 17th. Performances will be at four venues: the Historic Everett Theatre, an outdoor theater called the Shipyard, the Cannery and the Bait shop at Kroakers. The bands listed cover all genres, providing a one size fits all for sound preference while maintaining an authentic Pacific Northwest flair. General admission for the weekend is under $70 and well worth the investment. 

Portland has etched its way into the event's lineup including pop favorites Radiation City, Wild Ones, Pure Bathing Culture and Aan, who are spread out through both days to allow for minimal conflicting performance times. Heavier jamming from The We Shared Milk, Animal Eyes and Hobosexual are showcased at appropriate hours early enough in the day to provide energy for explorations through the charming city. Experimental and always mind-expanding Nurses rarely perform in the rose city, so missing their performance at the outdoor theatre is not an option. 
There is an overwhelming amount of fine acts from the Seattle area as well. Don't miss La Luz, who is known to incite amusing dance moves amongst their audiences. Be swooned by three part vocal harmonies of Everett locals the Moondoggies. Psych rockers Night Beats are destined to become your new favorite. Looking for more electronic waves? Vox Mod is there for you.
For this being the first year for the Everett Music Initiative to put on the Fisherman's Village Music Fest, there is no doubt they are doing something right. This festival will be one to either constantly remind you of how lucky it is to reside in the Pacific Northwest, or persuade you towards relocation if you're only visiting. 
- Colette Pomerleau

Party Boyz One Year Anniversary and Zine Release

Tonight, Bunk Bar plays host to local music podcasterz Party Boyz one year anniversary and inaugural zine and compilation release party. Helping the Boyz celebrate these great milestones, in an all-time powerhouse bill, are Genders, And And And, and Sama Dams. The Party Boyz' brand-spanking-new zine, features art and contributions from various local musicians and tastemakers including Hustle & Drone, Radiation City, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, and Banana Stand Media. Additionally, Party Boyz have put together compilation CDs featuring tracks, including some previously unreleased material, from bands who have appeared on the first season of the podcast. The first 50 people in the door tonight get a free copy of the compilation, as well as first stab at the best seats in the house for an amazing night of music. The show begins at 9pm, and the cover is $7.

 - Travis Leipzig


Treefort Music Festival

If you’re planning on heading to Idaho next week for Treefort Music Festival you’ll be in good company. This year’s festival will be featuring over a dozen Portland bands including Radiation City, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Genders and Grandparents. The long weekend is going to be ripe with talent and will show all who attend exactly why Boise deserves attention on a regional and national level for its emerging arts and music scene. The festival is running from Thursday, March 21st through Sunday, March 24th, for more information go to treefortmusicfest.com. – Benjamin Toledo