Radiation City

Radiation City Release New Music Video

2012 has been a good year for Radiation City. Between releasing their acclaimed Cool Nightmare EP, playing the renowned SXSW music festival last March and being declared Portland’s Best New Band by the Willamette Week, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this has been their best year yet. With the release of a new music video and the promise of a new record in 2013, it seems that Radiation City’s momentum can only grow from here. The quintet’s blissful pop hooks, soaring harmonies and delicate instrumentation have made them one of Portland’s most talked about acts and has given them national attention. The new video for “Hide From the Night” stars a sock worm with unconventional tastes and showcases the band’s creativity and playful spirit. Watch the video below and be sure to catch Radiation City at Doug Fir on December 30th to congratulate them on an accomplished year. – Benjamin Toledo

Radiation City - I Would Hide // Hide From The Night from visionVISION on Vimeo.


Rigsketball Returns

Rigsketball Halftime

March Madness just ended and all of you bracketologists out there are probably pretty sad you'll have to until next year to get your bracketology on, but don't fret! Back for a second year by popular demand, in a move that is sure to establish itself as a Portland institution - it's Rigsketball! If you're late to the game, Rigsketball is halfcourt, 3v3 basketball played on a regulation hoop attached to the back of a van, just about anywhere the cops won't bust the party. However, when played in a bracket-style tournament with 32 of Portland's most ballin' bands and a couple of well-coordinated city permits in the 2012 calendar year: it becomes Rigsketball 2k12! - a summer tradition monstrosity that threatens the safety of every man, woman and child in a 50-foot radius, all the while promoting physical exercise, good attitudes and teamwork! Not to mention connecting 32 seemingly disparate bands and their fans in friendly opposition while providing all parties involved the chance to see each group do something new and exciting outside the studio or venue. If you like sweat, beer, bands, jams, vans, basketball and the possibility of some extremely minor bloodshed - then you'll love Rigsketball 2k12!

Last year's bracket was constituted by Typhoon, Starfucker, And And And, Radiation City, Rock n Roll Soldiers, Jared Mees and the Grown Children, Archers, Aan, SKELETRON, Sean Flinn and the Royal We, TxE, Laura Gibson, Support Force, Animal Eyes, Charts, The Woolen Men, The Blast Majesty, Dirty Mittens, Monarques, My Autumn’s Done Come, Youthbitch, Rocky & The Proms, SUPER MONSTER, The No Tomorrow Boys, Surfs Drugs, Hello Electric, Rabid Wombat, Lee Cory Oswald, Otis Heat, Ugly Flowers, Mannequinhead, and The Taxi Boys. 

Rigsketball 2k12 registration will open April 15th (filing taxes optional.) The first 32 eligible bands to register will be a part of this year's tournament and it is sure to fill up quickly after last year's buzz. Actual competition begins July 26th and goes through August 9th. If you're in a band, be sure to save the registration date. If you're an adoring fan, be sure to donate. The Deli will see everybody out on the court. Wherever that is.


Radiation City plays Deli show in Austin with Reptar and Body Language

Upon offering the world "The Hands That Take You (Tender Loving Empire)," a retro-infused pop gem, 2011 found Radiation City in a debut breakout year that couldn't be stopped. While the full account of accolades is too long to list here, special highlights include packed showcases at CMJ in the middle of a national tour, a Daytrotter session, a video premiere on IFC and a slew of adoring press from across the country including several nods on notable "Year End" lists including the Deli Portland's. Consumate musicians all the way through, show-goers shouldn't be surprised to hear excellent covers of anything from Outkast's "Ms. Jackson" to Etta James' "At Last" at Radiation City's numerous SXSW dates - including the Deli's own on Thursday March 15 at The Gypsy Lounge, with Reptar, Body Language, The Stepkids and many more. Full info here.


TONIGHT! The Deli's UN/OFF party: Reptar, Body Language, The Stepkids, Lucius, Radiation City, Madi Diaz, Gangstagrass, Vacationer, ARMS, + lots more

This year The Deli is in Austin during the unmentionable festival with a 2 stage party on Thursday March 15 (that's tonight!) at the Gypsy Lounge in the East Side!

Awesome dancey bands on the outdoors stage will tempt the audience to some wild booty shakin' action, while indoors fantastic rock and alt folk acts will alternatively punch you and sooth your soul. Check this lineup out and (if you are going to be in Austin) do not miss! -

This is a free event (no badge required) but please RSVP here to get priority access.

11pm Reptar (Atlanta)
10pm Body Language (NYC/CT)
9pm The Stepkids (NYC/CT)
8pm Gangstagrass (NYC)
7pm Vacationer (Philly)

1:30 Diavel (NYC)
12:45 BK & Mr. E (Austin)
12:00 ARMS (NYC)
11:15 Madi Diaz (Nashville)
10:30 Radiation City (portland)
9:45 Lucius (NYC)
9:00 Onward Soldiers (NC)
8:20 Loquat (SF)
7:40 The Veda Rays (NYC)
7:00 Jay Stolar (NYC)


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