Serengeti "With Greg From Deerhoof"

Serengeti (David Cohn) announced this week that he will be releasing a new album tomorrow, October 29th, via Joyful Noise called With Greg From Deerhoof. This project began by chance back in 2018 when Cohen and Greg Saunier of Deerhoof signed up for the same recording time slot at a residency in Berlin. They recorded "I Got Your Password" that day, and back in April Saunier sent Cohn that recording. They both liked how the track sounded and decided to make an album together.

The album's first two singles, "Wasps" & "Premiere" are out now, and With Greg From Deerhoof is out October 29th.


Smashed Plastic Pressing Grand Opening February 2nd

Smashed Plastic is a new vinyl pressing plant located at 4200 W. Diversey, and run by Stephen Polutnik, John Lombardo, and Andy Weber. They are kicking off their business in style with a Grand Opening event on February 2nd that will feature a diverse line-up that includes Bleach Party, Diagonal, Lawerence Peters Outfit and Serengeti.

Smashed will be the first vinyl pressing plant in Chicago in nearly 40 years, and hope to create a path for Chicago band’s, and artist’s from around the country, to get their music out in the beloved vinyl format. The plant will be utilizing a fairly new type of technology for making this vintage format, the Steamless WarmTone vinyl press. You can read more about the technique and Smashed Plastic here.


Kenny Dennis Returns with Dennis 6E

Serengeti (aka David Cohn) is preparing to release the next installment in the Kenny Dennis saga, Dennis 6E, this Fall. Earlier this month he dropped a new single called “Winter Clothes”, and now he has released “Not Supposed”. The album was produced by Andrew Broder (Fog) and from the sound of these first two singles is very different for Serengeti.

This is Serengeti’s second release of 2018 follow-up March’s “To The Max” tape. He was also involved in the 2017 album "Butterflies" as a member of Jueles with Jade, Nedelle Torrisi, and Rob Kliener (Tub Ring).



Serengeti "Boy"

Serengeti and Sicker Man have released a video for their new single “Boy”. The track comes from their new album, Doctor My Own Patience, which is due out on December 16th via Graveface Records. You can preorder the album here.


Serengeti "Shidoshi"

Kenny Dennis III comes out today via Joyful Noise. This is the latest is the series of releases from Serengeti's alter ego Kenny Dennis. Check out the new video for "Shidoshi".