Tracy's CMJ 2012 Day 2: Sleepies, Mykki Blanco, Prince Rama, Maya Solovey, You Bred Raptors?, Dangerous Ponies + more

Day 2 began – oh, how unexpected! - on Ludlow Street, where Prince Rama were set to play the Cake Shop shortly after five. Getting there just pas four, I got to squeeze my way to the counter, pick up a beer and some Blue Ribbon swag (guilty as charged), and mainly, best part of all, catch NYC rapper Mykki Blanco (pictured) for half an hour of raunchy slams and menacing 'acid punk' raps, some freaky, most straightforward vulgar.. but oh, yeah, should have mentioned: when played right, that's great in my books; none of that 'positive' buzzkill, just one hell of a slimy frantic performance backed up by the DJ every now and then, but taking on a fair few a cappellas. Glad I turned up a little early. - Read Tracy Mamoun's full report here - pictured and streaming: Prince Rama.


NYC Artists in Stereogum's Top 40 New Bands

The folks over at Stereogum have just published the list of their 40 favorite new bands, so here's a little round up of the local talent to be found on said list, led on the NYC front - no surprise there - by Harlem's loudmouth Azaelia Banks. But what NEXT?

Second in line (the list is organize alphabetically) comes new Brooklyn four-piece DIIV (formerly Dive) who after three singles and a full-length has found itself a decent crowd and a place under the spotlight with its dream pop delights, followed by Ice Choir's punchy synthpop straight from an 80s flashback. After a cast of four up-and-coming rappers (who'll be covered shortly by brokeMc) we find two of the city's hardworking young rock&roll trios Nude Beach and Sleepies (pictured) – both of which released new albums this year and are gradually attracting their well deserved lot of attention. Finally we get to TEEN, new indie pop project by ex-Here We Go Magic keyboard player Kristina Lieberson, which only emerged on the radar about a month ago ago with a debut album 'In Limbo' and clotures the list - that's what you get when you pick a band name starting with "T". Ten out of 40, with a list that spreads over to Europe? Not bad at all New York - check these bands out on the playlist below! 


Sleepies announce release + play Dead Herring on 08.17

Rather than scratching their heads like every pop culture scholar over a question with no shortage of answers - i.e 'what the 'ell is punk anyway?'- Brooklyn's Sleepies made its past their playground, juggling anything from oi to pop-punk influences to craft fast and fun music. Godmode Records having recently released a preview of the band's next LP 'Weird Wild World', we can all get a taste of the album to come! First impressions? Arrogant. Deliciously arrogant. Judging by the tone of 'Seriously', teasing game of distortions served with attitude and the stability of a tantrum, 'WWW' should be one more treat for those who like their punk with a middle finger up. Welcomed with a party at Dead Herring on the 17th of August, the LP will be released a few days later on the 21st,.Before that, catch them by the Rockaway Beach Boardwalk on July 21st!


CD Review: Sleepies - new punk from Brooklyn

Sleepies are a multifaceted Brooklyn trio whose raucous punk quirk and erratic noise rock pulse make this squad’s 13-track eponymous excursion an intriguingly tumultuous affair to get acquainted with. Boasting jagged guitars and chaotic vocals that never miss the chance for a gang chorus moment while terse rhythmic patterns hold everything from running off the rails with the eerie smoothness of Violent Femmes, this band’s road worn and battle-torn sound stealthily apes swagger from the Sex Pistols, draws vitriol from Nirvana, and gets moody like The Replacements to create an efficient and effective 21st century strand of apocalyptic rock straight from the garage to your eardrums. - Mike SOS - This record was submitted for review here.