Sun Colony releases hypnotic debut EP

Sun Colony have been fortunate enough to acquire one hell of a press release tagline. Just recently, the psych rock-leaning quartet received an unexpected ringing endorsement from none other than Slowdive’s Neil Halsted. Even if Halsted may know a thing or two about a genre he helped pioneer, the question remains: is it really any good? Well, the good news about the Topanga Canyon band’s self-titled EP is that it doesn’t try to reproduce a tired facsimile of Slowdive’s incandescent melancholy. They approach a more sunburned form of post-rock with just a taste of classic Britpop, which is fitting given that their EP was mixed in the U.K. after rising local producer Kyle Mullarky gave their ascending, yet oblique structures a hypnotic aura.

Sun Colony’s debut EP is out now via all streaming platforms. A 12’’ release will follow in the next 1-2 months via their official website.


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